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Help A Member And Cancer Survivor With His Ride To Conquer Cancer!

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Help a member and cancer survivor with his ride to conquer cancer!!

Just thought i'd try and rustle up some donations from you bastards, i got cancer a couple years ago, to my Head, shithouse place to get it, was called ACC and its one of the rarest of all cancers, usually happens to women in there 60's lol, I checked i havent grown a Vagina!

Had a 6 inch piece of my cheek and bone taken out of my jaw from my leg and tendons from my thigh put in my jaw to make it straight and also a big titanium plate instead of my low right jaw. After 2 surgerys totalling 26 hours (First was 17 hours)35 treatments of Radiation (not being able to eat or sh!t!) and 35 hyperbaric treatments im back on my feet again

So was just wondering if anyone needs a tax right off or has been affected by cancer, would love a donation, it goes straight to the researchers 100% so you dollars get to the people doing the work to find a cure

So its a big thing heaps of people are doing it, everyone has to raise 2500 dollars and i have to cycle 200klms in 2 days!!!!!


first 2 pics - After second surgery Looking Hot!

Didnt get many pics of the first surgery, was looking way worse, trac tube and blood tubes coming out everywhere LOL The last is a pic 7 days after the first surgery when all the other tube etc had been pulled out




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Gotta say mate, your a trooper! Well done. I just donated to purple bra day but hope you do get some good donations.

As a suggestion perhaps see if there is any cruises coming up in your state and see if they can help you rustle up some donations.

Best of luck and enjoy the ride.

P.s how many days? And do they give you nice accomodation?

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2 days 200 kms all up, accomodation is a setup tent when you get there LOL Not many creature comforts, its all about making as much money as we can for cancer research. 100 percent of the money goes to brisbane medical research

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