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Hi all.

Sorry to be annoying, I have done searches on loads of forums and the net trying to find a straight answer. But it keeps eluding me.

Im changing my stock headunit to a pioneer double din from my last car.

I have bought the JDM fascia kit.

What I can't wrap my head around is what wiring harness i need for it, that will retain use of the bose amp. I have seen different answers everywhere.


This harness says it retains factory amp use. I just dont know what all the different connections are for.

If someone could clear it up with me, would be much appreciated.


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Yes, replace the factory amp.

I left my new JVC head unit (which has a 55w rms amp built-in) running the back/side 4 speakers, then ran rca's from the new head unit to my amp in the boot, then ran speaker wires for my new Soundstream/Tarantula front splits to run off off the new amp, with the 3rd/4th channels bridged to a 10" sub in the boot. You are welcome to come have a look anytime Sam - just don't pull me over for a look at it if you see me out and about - you will give me a heart attack! :):ninja:

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Ahh awesome!

I think I'll just keep the rears as the subs. I don't want a sub anymore. Got 3 in my room in my house as it is!!

Can i just replace the amp? Means I'll just need to run rcas from head unit to amp?

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