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Purchasing A R34Gt

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Hi Guys,

In the market for a R34 GTT and have found a GT which was originally non turbo, but now has been modified to have a turbo and much more.

Do you think i will have any potential issues with registration? or possibly reselling the car in the future?

Is this anything that could/should stop me from purchasing?

Thanks much appreciated.

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it should be engineered or mod plated to state that it is now spec'd up to a gt-t model,

i just bought a 34 that was originally an auto gt, that now has a 500hp rb26 in it, still has auto steering wheel, but its all mod plated for new gear, and when i spoke to just cars regarding insurance, i mentioned that it was originally a non turbo but that didnt change anything for the quote - $1,400

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Thanks for the reply, Just a little confused, the car will always be a GT though, how would using GTT parts be any different in terms of rego?

if your using all the "turbo" parts on your car you are bringing the (originally non turbo)car up to the same specs as a factory turbo car making rego easier for you

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