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Greddy Hard Pipe Suction Kit, Z32 Afm's, Tomei Plug, 720Cc Injectors, Oil Cooler Kit + Relocation

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Hello, listing these parts for my house mate, the Suction Kit suits R32 GTR, injectors suit R32 GTR RB26 (RB30 too?), oil cooler kit should suit any RB ,SR too? (Does fit RB30/RB20/RB25/RB26).

GReddy Hard Pipe Suction Kit - in good condition, comes with everything in photo including pod filters $900




2 x Z32 AFM with plugs - Used, in good condition, mesh unbroken $190 each



Denso 720cc injectors - Used, good condition, part number $380




Tomei Z32 AFM Plug - Brand new in packaging $25 delivered



Oil Cooler Kit + Filter Relocation - Used, in good condition, everything has been thoroughly cleaned. Hoses are -10 size, cooler is 19row $190



Located in Canberra, happy to post anything, please contact me for a postage estimate. Call or text Andre 0403 645 640 or contact via PM. Thanks

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