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Gtr + C34 Servicing A Power-Pak ?


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Hi guys,

Anybody properly serviced a power-pak before?

I read an article in Performance Imports about Attessa. It had a bit of info about servicing a Power-Pak.

Basically you need to drain it. (I'm not sure on this, drain it by the nipples or take a pipe off???).

Then fill it up the reservoir in the boot i'm guessing. With Nissan Matic D or Castrol Transmax Z.

Bleed out air from the nipple under the power-pak (above the diff) using gravity.

Then bleed out air from the nipple behind the Transfer Case. For this you need to hook a wire and switch in the fusebox???

So does anyone know how to drain it and hot wire the power-pak to pump and bleed out air?



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What's a power pak? If you mean the Atessa pump you can just bleed it by running the engine. If you're really keen the plug to disconnect is behind the drivers kick panel (its the plug you disconnect to get 2wd)


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Thanks yeah I will check it out.

To hot wire the pump I probably need to add volts to that connector.

Still not sure on draining, maybe pump it out the nipple behind the transfer case.

Always easier once you've done it before.

I will let you know how I go.

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I drained it with the pipe next to the bleeder on the pump.

To bleed that bleeder, I had to loosen it a lot before air and fluid came out. I didn't bother with a bleed pipe for that.

Yeah I ran the engine with a bleeder pipe on the bleeder next to the transfer case. Think it rushed out fast because there was air in the line. Then it started coming out a bit slowly. Had to run it a several times.

Now I get the engine light when I give it a little :(

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