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Upgrading An R34 N/a Rear Diff

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Hi Guys,

After searching the internet for options on upgrading my R34 N/A diff I stumbled across this thread:


My 34 started life as a n/a but now has a rb25det in it from a 33 and running link ecu management. Link to my project thread here:


But anyway to the point of my posting :)

Is it true that a rear diff from a r33 gtst which is manual and has abs is a direct fit and upgrade on my current 2.0 n/a rear diff?

Since 2009 has anyone done any different diff changes that have worked better? Hope you can help or point me in the direction of where to find the answers :)

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I am not 100% certain as I don't get that many N/A cars through my workshop but from memory the tailshafts are different lengths which might make the diff lengths different. You will need to measure the length and width of the diff. If you can do that, I will (should) be able to measure a couple of R33 GTST diffs I have laying around and tell you if they will suit. Also a photo of your diff might help me remember the last one I did

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I was pretty sure it was the back section that was longer. Distance from the gearbox to the centre bearing I could understand (even though the gearbox is only 3mm different in length)

But then again I see that many of the bloody things I could be off on the old memory department

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From my research there are two differenf nose lengths on "short nose" R200s . The one with the cross wise sensor in the nose is about 3/4" longer than the ones without so for a bolt in I think you need one with that sensor to match your tailshaft length . The diff and tailshaft are matching pairs length wise .

The alternative is to remove your std diff assuming its ratio is right and swap the hemisphere for something better and get the side stubs to suit you inner rear joints .

A .

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