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New Stock Bilstein B16 Pss9 Bouncy

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On my R34 GTR, I paid for and had installed a stock set of bilstein B16 PSS9 coilovers (specifically for R34) part GM5-8075-MO

Unfortunately i don't like the ride much. Set to minimum damping - bouncy as hell (rear mainly). No surprise there.

But even on maximum damping, they are still "bouncy".

I can't speak for how well they handle, not having tracked them, but take the smoothest freeway surface you can imagine, but with the normal very gentle undulations. Now drive at 60 to 80kmh on it, and my head is bouncing off the back of the headrest, and the car has the jiggles, and I'm going up and down in the seat slightly. From outside you wouldn't tell, it isn't riding like a car with shot shocks, It just feels .. bouncy, on a small scale.

The resonance is worse with certain surfaces and speed ranges. Going faster is ok.

My experience so far has been S-tunes .. no bounce & Ohlin Flag-R .. harder, much more direct connected feel, but still less bounce than the PSS9

Is there a front-rear setting I should try?

Also, at very low speeds eg in carparks, they click clack a bit from the front you can provoke that noise with the steering. Everything is torqued down right - I am told.

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No idea about that specific application. Do you have the stock spring rates? Maybe this application wasn't well sorted ? PSS9 generally rate quite well for ride quality. They are typically compared to KW coilovers which are also considered pretty good for the money.

If I had to take one guess I'd say the damping is fine but you are just used to overly firm dampers. Ride quality is very subjective. Not having a go.

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The kit is specifically for the R34 and comes with springs, so I suppose it was right.

I'd agree that i may have got used to the Ohlins EXCEPT that I did a couple of thousand clicks on s-tunes too, and did not have a complaint. They have much lower spring rates than the Ohlins.

I'd have expected the PSS9s to be close to s-tune suspension, instead they feel worse at the moment than both the track-oriented flag-R and the S-tunes, (and stock as well).

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I recently got some PSS9's as well and yes, I know what you are talking about. I'm getting the same bouncy feeling as you, only in the back and I have dampers on softer setting.

Seems like the setup of the rear shocks is not quite right...

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