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Diy Flexfuel ? Can It Be Done ?

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Hi, guys!

We don't have high-ethanol mix fuels where I live. Only e, you can get is E10. Which is a joke.

So I wanted to ask for advice. If E85 is just normal pump fuel with ethanol mix.

Can I mix that stuff myself ? Get good pump fuel, get the best dehydrated ethanol 99.7% I believe and mix those babys to the percentage I want ?

Even if could come out with E40mix, it would be better than running shit pump fuel we have here.

I'm looking more at E50 mix, for ease of mixing.

The worse what could happen - they won't mix.

Any ideas ? Any suggestions?


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So, it all comes down if you can get a pure ethanol, right ?

I have a friend who is into idustrial spirits here. And his comapany stocks loads of methanol, ethanol and all other "nol's.

Btw, I've heard that there is another spririt, that has even fewer acid-properties as ethanol. Name doesn't cross my mind now.

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If your friend's company uses heaps of alcohol, then they will have what is called a concessional spirit license, and they will have to keep documentation that keeps tally of how and where they use the alcohol. I used to be the concesssional spirit licensee for my company, and we only bought 2L of pure ethanol at a time, and only every few years at that. Pain in the arse.

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We are talking different country, GTSBoy)).

Btw, if you use lower octane fuel, will it have any significant result on the final mix ?

Will it matter if you use 98 or 95 or 92 ? Or you should only get the best unleaded one ?

Whats the take here ?

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Well, clearly, the higher the octane of the petrol part, the higher the octane of the final brew. This becomes more true the smaller the fraction of alcohol you put int the mix. At E85, it probably makes little difference to the result in the engine. But if you end up running down at E40-50, then you'd be better off using the good stuff. But I thnk you should be aiming for E70. All the people runnign pineapple juice here reckon that there is very little difference in tuning and power between E70 and E85. If it were me, I would make up a brew of E70 and tune on that, then make up my day to day brew aiming for E73 or something similar, just to give a small safety buffer.


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