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92 5Spd Sv21 Toyota Camry - $2200 (Rwc & 12Months Rego!)

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ladies and gents, buy this camry i really need it gone from my driveway!!

it is truly unbreakable, drives on an oily rag and would make a perfect daily.

$2200 and it'll comes with RWC and years rego!

Car is located in Boronia, 3155 - Melbourne VIC.

Chris - 0419010757

from carsales:

Summary Comments

3rd owner for last 5 years, comfortable, economical, and extremely reliable. RWC & 12months rego!

Detailed Comments

This car was purchased from a friend's family who had it garaged and not driven between 2002 and 2007 as they went overseas to Canada. Upon purchase at 185,000 kms the car received new brake pads/shoes, and new polyurethane castor rod and front sway bar bushes. Over the course of the next 70,000kms the car was serviced every 10,000kms and apart from a flat tyre has never had a single problem - it is truly unbreakable and it will be sad to see it go. Rego has just run out however will be sold with road worthy certificate and full 12months registration. few bad points: - some prick tried to break into it with a screwdriver and failed however in the process busted up the drivers door lock. Door still opens with the key it just needs that special touch. - i was sideswiped by a truck driver who never paid so the driver side door and front right guard were replaced and are a slightly different shade of white. - rust starting at top of windscreen The car drives great, has been well maintained and gets 550kms to a tank! Price is negotiable so feel free to contact me to discuss further. Will not disappoint!


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    • My 2016 Q50 does have a crossover, and it is a twin 45mm (out diameter) system, so not exactly free flowing. Just take the car to Castle Hill Exhaust (or any other decent performance exhaust shop) and get it on a hoist for them to check out, based on power targets they will make something custom for you.
    • Playing devil's advocate, upping the fuel pump severely while using stock gear can actually raise the fuel pressure because it overpowers the reg. The thing is, to really confirm this, you install a FPR gauge, and usually that also comes with a regulator.... so nobody knows whether this actually is overpowering the stock regulator or not. Suppose that scenario is not a stock car tho.
    • A chaser is really just a tap. Just a less aggressive tap. It still has to be able to move metal to do its job. It may not cut the way a tap does, but it still has to push deformed threads around, and deformed threads are often a hair's breadth away from snapping off. Especially in cast aluminium alloys.
    • I visually inspected the threads and they look intact and not so dirty, so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t thread in straight.    How would a chaser cause any damage? It’s intended to clean up the threads right? Even if it was cross threaded. That shouldn’t be the case though because the studs that were removed were OEM. The intake side had no issue. 
    • Well, try the new studs first, in case the US sourced studs are actually the problem. But given that the head is off the engine, at least it won't be too hard for someone to install helicoils if it turns out the holes are stuffed. You don't want to just run a tap or chaser through there if by doing so you leave behind 3/10ths of f**k all thread and the studs just pull straight out when you torque up the manifold nuts.
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