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Bought Some Nismo 740


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Purchased some Nismo 740 (supposedly)

Installed in the car and it runs pig rich. Good sign that these are larger than standard RB25 injectors.

However, the Nismos i have, only have a single hole.

From what I gather they are suppose to have a 4 hole spray pattern.

Something odd here?

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Hmm, doesnt sound good.

Car is hopefully going in for a tune soon, so we'll see what happens.

Car is running like a bastard, so its definitely larger in injectors. The mountain of black smoke on idle is an indicator.

I had rx7 550cc injectors in my Corolla, so im familiar with the sort and its not them, besides they are a square plug.

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Alright here are the injectors.

They say a46-00 on them, the otherside is hard to mark out, looks like 0f69936

Cant make what of the injectors. The car runs rich as f**k, barely idles, billows black smoke out the back.

Might have to get them flow tested.



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The money is on them being SR S15 480cc injectors, minus the pintle caps (where the heck are they!!!?). Also looks like where the injector should be silver, has been painted black.

Here's what they look like: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_7y7I_iLm7Y0/S9aVoMAwDvI/AAAAAAAAAWk/UhJ6MCUuzY8/s1600/USED+S15+INJECTOR+480CC+NEAR+NEW.jpg

You might not even have highflowed injectors even, just regular 480cc's.

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Well i took injectors 1 and 6 to the fuel shop.

They were the easiest ones to remove quickly whilst the rail still being attached.

Results, injector 1 flows at 758cc per minute and injector 6 at 754cc per minute.

So at this stage, Im just going to assume the other 4 are with in those margins.

No idea what injectors they are but they flow exactly how it was advertised, a little more even.

I guess if they aren't nismo's they are high flows? Possibly a high flowed S15 one?

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