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S15 Sr20 Parts (Gearbox, Coilpacks, Turbo, Loom And Ecu)

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Hi Guys,

Got a few parts here I didnt end up using for my build or im not using anymore. All prices are a little negotiable and pickup in Rouse Hill, NSW is preferable but will post at buyers expense.

1. 6 Speed Gearbox out of an S15 $800 ONO

Came with my new motor but I have a dogbox so no need for it. Shifts perfectly and comes complete with sensors and clutch fork. Motor it was attached to was out of a low km aus spec S15 that was unmodified and clean.

2. Set of S15 Coilpacks with Coil Pack Loom $150 ONO

Were working perfectly with motor but im replacing them with a CDI setup so need for them anymore. All are in good condition and it includes all plugs and the associated loom.

3. Full engine loom and factory ECU out of AUDM S15 Turbo $400 ONO

As above comes with all plugs and wiring aswell as ecu to suit motor.

4. T28 with manifold, lines and intake elbow $600 ONO

Perfect working order comes with everything needed to bolt onto an SR20 minus the dump pipe.

Best way to contact me is via 0403858714.



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