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What Spark Plugs To Use?

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Hey I have an r33 series 2. Pretty much stock except for front mount, 3 inch exhaust, Walbro fuel pump, stock turbo high flowed, spitfire coilpacks, haltech interceptor piggy back. running 15psi and 12 psi daily ( 230kw at rears)Had iridium plugs in it that stuffed up followed by Ngk high temp plugs which stuffed up after 5000k's. I have no idea what plugs to put in it, I want good plugs that aren't gunna stuff up, really sick of misfire problems. Any suggestions? I was thinking double platinums but I'm a noob with spark plugs, what does everyone run?

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I'm a noob with spark plugs too.

What do you plugs look like when you take them out?

I have found some interesting reading at the NGK site this page in particular


This page kinda backs up what The Mafia said about tune might be the problem over bad plugs, could it be a bit lean with 15 psi and standard injectors?

I was using 8's (which it had when it was imported) with similar mods you and about 250kw, but after about 4000 k's took them out and checked them, figured they might be a bit cold for day to day driving as they were black as when I took then out so guessed they might be fouling up and went back to 7's which have been in for 11,000k's without a problem so far.

As is said I am a noob, and would be more then happy to be corrected, so I can learn more about it.

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Wowsers. 8's. Fark man unless ur circuit racing the thing constantly with no street driving theres no need for 8's.

As Guilt toy said. 7's are perfect or even 6's depending if ur tune is on the richer side and may foul plugs

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BCPR7ES is all you need. if you are damaging the plugs you have a problem with your setup or tune or something somewhere. get it checked out.

This man knows

If you don't take this advice, you're stupid

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