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Shoota's R33 GT-R RB30/26

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I could always handle my mistakes when doing something new and if I had done what you have done. I would be giving myself a bit wet kiss  X and go for a run in the paddock, lol

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Finished off the transfer case today (finally...). Ended up stripping my spare transfer case to use the housing as the broken chain had almost completely chewed through the housing. It can't be far off going right through. 

New housing -


Stuffed housing (you can see the groove  which is 3 or 4 mm deep)-


Comparison -


Set-up the discs in the alternating driven/friction pattern. With a bit of trial and error (luckily had 3 sets of clutch packs to choose from) managed to get the right clearance once assembled. Was a bit of a mission but with the right tools and some patience it's a job that someone with slightly above average mechanical skills could have a crack at. 

Some progress and final product shots -







Now back to the wiring....


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Had a bit of a play around with mounting the Haltech coils today. Not sure if this is the way it'll end up but it should do for now!  Couldn't decide on the direction to face the coils so ended up going with symmetry! There were only certain ways they could face so they didn't hit anything so it'll have to do for now until a better option comes up.









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Extremely nice build with little restorations here and there! And the shed is awesome, I can imagine how nice it is to have your own time-out in there.
About the manifold, it's almost like mine, except I have it on the RB25. Just be careful when fiddling around with injectors. Had some E85 pissing all over the manifold runners from cracked injector o-ring. Needles to say, paint peeled off like candy paper..


Keep up the awesome work, looking forward seeing updates on this build!

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Thanks for the kind words!  Your engine bay looks very nice!  Very clean.

I always use heaps of rubber grease when I'm installing o-rings or seals so hopefully no fuel leaks for me!


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Not a lot of visual progress, it's like the last month of building a new house, it's when a lot of the fiddly stuff gets done but it's hard to see any sign of it!

Still fiddling with wiring and mounting all of the new sensors. 

Also playing with an affordable alternator option (Nissan Maxima 120amp) will post details once sorted. Alternator was only $95 so hopefully it all works! 

Pretty new BOV hoses-


Gave my headlights a run on the buff, need more of a sanding to get rid of ultra fine cracks but the improvement is incredible!


Tipped over the engine and poured as much oil into the oil pump and inner oil galleries as possible to help with initial start-up and priming oil system. 



I should have popped the champers at this point as this is the first time in about 3 1/2 years that the engine has been off the engine stand!!! Seemed like a significant moment! 


Dog was thrilled...


God it's a shame to hide these things, such a work of art!


Obviously put in a new spigot bush while I was at it. 

Feels like progress!

On a side note the shed is getting a little more comfortable every day, now have the footy and Netflix,  I think my wife is getting nervous I could be moving out here soon...


Shit the bench is a brothel.

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Engine and transmission now mounted to the k-frame, the string hanging from above is to align the k-frame to the car so hopefully the car drops directly in line with the engine-





Transfer going on-





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Sorted out the alternator today.  It's just a 120 amp Maxima alternator.  $95 delivered off Ebay so a cheap option!  As a tensioner I used a spare (RB26) power steering tensioner and just chopped it up a bit and drilled an extra hole.  It's not show car worthy but quick and easy.  Once I paint it up it will look a bit nicer-




And after an amazingly long time, she's home!  Albeit temporarily while I finish off the wiring.  It will need to go in an out a few more times to get everything right.





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Looks fantastic sitting in the engine bay, you've done some awesome work there man....great job! I've been following right from the beginning, keen to see how it all pans out!



Super jealous of the garage :D

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One word - Faaaaaark!!!



It hits very solidly so it's in the way by a fair whack. The engine still needs to come up a bit which will make the problem worse!

It looks like I have 2 options,  try to find a shorter master cylinder or delete the booster. Preference is for option 1 but firstly finding one that is small enough to fit and secondly one that will seal the booster (to hold in the vacuum) is going to be a challenge. I've ordered what appears to be a smaller master but we'll see what happens when it rocks up. The lugs are in different places to the standard master so it's not a straight forward solution at all!  Its looking like strong clutch leg is forthcoming! 



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Have a look at the Gtst stuff, they don't have a booster.

my OS twin plate is not overly heavy on the pedal, but I'm not sure if they have a different leverage ratio on the pedal assy.

I can take some measurements if you need of the pedal box, it might be a straight swap if they are different.



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Thanks Luke.  Maybe if you could measure the length of the master cylinder itself.  The GTS-T booster will be a bit better as it exits underneath not to the side.  I think it would have to be shorter than the GT-R master as well (which I don't think it is) as the outlet location.  I'm pretty sure mine is about 80mm long for reference.

If I have to live with out boosted clutch I'm sure it will be fine.  Especially with a Nismo Coppermix which are famous for being so light.


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Ha ha "plebs"!  Yeah I'm trying the cheap option first (master), if that fails then delete booster is the way.  I need to do more squats anyway to buff up my pigeon legs!

When the car was still on the road (bloody years ago!) I drove it to work one day when it must have been a full moon the night before.  There were about 3 crashes and 4 breakdowns along the Westgate Freeway and through the tunnels.  It took over 2 1/2 hours to get to work (27kms).  The clutch I had then was a bloody heavy single plate so by the time I got to work my left leg was so f#$%ed I could barely walk when I got out!  It was the worst trip to work in my life.  I never drove it to work ever again!

Now that I'm in the country my trip to work is 10 minutes regardless of traffic so if I do ever drive it to work I'll need to leave home 20 minutes early and head out into the country a bit just to warm it up properly.


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Hi mate,

i just had a measure up, the master cylinder is about 80mm in length.

Its 5/8 in diameter and the hose exits straight under the cylinder.

i took a couple of pics if you pm your number I can txt you them.


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Hopefully this tiny little sucker will do the trick.  It's under 70mm long so heaps shorter than the standard master plus the location of the outlet being further forward hopefully should be a winner.  Only dramas will be the outside bore size (to fit inside the booster), sealing it to hold vacuum and lastly the fact that the mounting tabs are in different locations.  Apart form that perfect!!




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