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Shoota's R33 GT-R RB30/26

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The guy in the video is an idiot and should read a manual before uploading shit like this. That collar is the main thing holding the shafts from coming out, it must be removed first, and hence why a factory part was available for removing it. He is trying to press though the counter shaft collar ! ? Once that counter shaft collar is off you should be able to tap both shafts out of the bearings fairly easily, firmly but nothing like requiring a press. The fit on the bearing is nothing like the collar - that is really difficult to get off, hence why you need something fairly chunky to securely pull against.

Notice how he said the main shaft pressed easily and that the counter shaft is really hard ? Geez, I wonder why ? He was only pressing the main shaft away from the bearing. Then he's trying to press the counter shaft through the collar and bearing. ?‍♂️

Surprised he didn't snap the standard cast centre plate in half doing that, what a Muppet

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Continuing the DIY theme on this car, my next job will be to make up my own puller for the bush that has Ben all worked up ?.

It's not going to be a fancy looking billet round  bit of kit like Ben had made up but hopefully it should do the job.  Below is what 2 minutes in excel does to give a visual interpretation of what it may or may not look like!  I'll pretty much just make it up as I go so will no doubt change.

What I can't show the in the picture is a lip that I will weld onto the top which is what the puller will grab onto and pull from.

The square bits on the outside are nuts that will be welded onto the add strength to the bolts and I'll tap the thread right through the nut into the edges of the metal plate it will be made from.  Only the very tip of the bolt will be machined down to the small enough size to go into the little holes in the bush.

Really wish I had a lathe for things like this.  I'll probably just put the bolts in the pedestal drill and turn the bolts down that way.

As with most things I've done it will be trial and error but I have the concept in my head ready to go!

I'm up the hills camping and dirt biking so probably won't get to it until next week at soonest.

Wish me luck!


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Nah, not worked up, just that vid almost sent you on a mission stuffing around trying to use a press. I like how he actually didn't show the whole process of completely pressing the shafts out. Like he finished doing it and went, 'um this collar thingy is separate ?"

I'm not sure what you've proposed will work. It might, but that collar is really tight. I won't sell my one as will always need it, used it quite a few times, but do you want me to express post mine down to you to use it and maybe copy it ? You can post it back to me when you're done.

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Thanks for the offer @BK.  I'll give my tool a go....  (that sounds suss...).  If its a massive fail I'll cave in and might just take you up on the offer!

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Ok so Project "Waste More Time" is underway...

Got the high tensile bolts for the puller today. Don't have a lathe so whipped out the poor man's version ?.

Never tried it before but seems to do the trick! I kept the verniers handy to monitor the size as i went and then finished them off with a flat file to get as close to the 5mm hole size in the sleeve as possible.

Once I've made the puller section I'll grind the tips to the perfect length (3.85mm) so the necked down section is as short as it can be to make it as strong as possible.

Feel free to let me know if posting this stuff is boring as bat shit. Its not very car related at the moment. I've got thick skin so you won't offend me!






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Looks like your making progress on the collar tool. Since the old man's GTR is in the middle of it's rebuild, we thought why not check the box out and modify the transfer case, which will be getting the 10 plate mod. We're doing the old man's box at the moment now, a no rush inspection, but if you have any questions will be happy to help, as now will be the perfect time to take pics and explain anything while we're doing it at the same time. We will be getting that collar off soon as you can see so I'll try and post it up getting it off, and the process of main and counter shaft getting removed. Notice how thrilled he is to be helping with yet another GTR box....at least this time I'm helping with his bloody box !






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Thanks for your offers @BK.  Your dad looks thrilled!

Tool is coming along. Made up a plastic mock up to start with. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking for the rest!

Hopefully finish it off tomorrow and test it out!












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Finished off the puller. It certainly didn't end up pretty but its super strong. 

And the results? Failure!

Unfortunately even though the bolts are 13.9 high tensile the still sheared off.

I've cut off the 8mm nuts off and I'll drill them out bigger so I can up them to 10mm. I thought the 8mm would be strong enough but no...  I'm hoping the bigger bolts will be harder even though the size will still be 5mm.

I think I might get them properly necked down on a lathe as my method is weakening them.

If that fails I give up! ?







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Why not weld more shit on to your  puller and use decent material at the correct diameter that the bolts then hold in? No turning required, like some silver steel the correct daimeter or chop up some drill bits and use the shanks portion.



Don't go using a lathe now! You have come too far!

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3 hours ago, Ben C34 said:

Why not weld more shit on to your  puller and use decent material at the correct diameter that the bolts then hold in? No turning required, like some silver steel the correct daimeter or chop up some drill bits and use the shanks portion.



Don't go using a lathe now! You have come too far!

Hmmmm, I like the concept!  I might have a quick crack at that before going the bigger bolt option. Might be too late now that I’ve already cut/ground off the 8mm nuts.  If I can’t resurrect it from here then I’ll have no choice but to go the bigger bolt option. You triggered some ideas in my dull brain but we’ll see if they go anywhere. Cheers for the inspiration! ?

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Ok so I know those bushes are tight but f♡ck me mine was tight!  So it sheared off two lots of my studs, snapped the tip off a puller arm, ripped off one of the 8mm thick metal chunks I welded to it to pull off and then finally snapped off an 8mm stud in my bearing puller.  There's no way that was normal tight!

I didn't take many photos as I was too busy welding, pulling, braking shit, grinding and swearing my arse off to stop and take photos!

In the end I just went f♡ck it and cut the f♡cker off as the counter shaft is bin worthy only anyway. 

Man what a bloody mission that was!  Be interesting to see how difficult the one in my other box that is donating the counter shaft is.  Hopefully I don't have to cut that one off...

Right @BK what's the next step in the no press dismantle process? Does it involve a piece of wood and some heavy down force?

Anyone got a cheap no crunch gearbox i can just check in....?



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Hahaha, was wondering what you're next post might be ! No mate, they are absolutely that tight. Completely normal. Getting the shafts out now - 


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52 minutes ago, BK said:

You did use a rattle gun on your puller right ?

No, I used hydraulic pullers. The strain on them was insane! Theres no way the 3 pins would stand up to that amount of strain.

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Can't do that, you're slowly loading everything up, hence why you're breaking shit. Rattle gun is the only way. You need that one quick burst shock to initially crack the collar. Once that is done, short bursts of the rattle gun until it's off. Remember you have to heat that collar up and expand it to get it back on, so it's always going to be on there stupid tight.

My collar tool has held up doing them all this way, using a 2 jaw puller on the collar sleeve tool. Never broken or replaced the high tensile bolts ever.

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Thats the thing, I eventually got it to move but then it bound up again and broke 2 more things after moving forward 5 or 6mm. The initial 'lock' or binding was broken. 

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I think really just comes down to the inadequate design of the collar puller tool not exerting all of the force purely into the collar you are removing. My one has a perfectly neat fit on shaft, no slop, and is made out of pretty heavy duty steel. All force is transferred directly only into collar. Your setup was obviously straining the bolts too much.

That sucks man because you have to get the collar off the other one and reuse it still.

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Awesome ! That's just the collar for $45 right ? What's main shaft 3rd gear set you back, about $150 - $200ish ?

Tapped them shafts out yet ? If you haven't, just put it on something like this, shafts facing down, and just alternate tap each shaft. Should come right out. SHOULD....



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