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Group A Gms Trailer Stolen


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Hi All,

Didn't know where to post this(I'm sure admin will move it if needed)

This is a littler desperate as we need to get to Phillip Island for the 7th so I thought I'd start here.

The trailer(without the car) was stolen from Gladesville at 12.30AM on the 12th. We had Security footage of a fat ugly c@#t with what looked to be a VT/VZ Commodore Wagon hooking up and driving off.

Below are pictures of the said trailer with the only difference being that it is now silver in colour with GIO livery. This is a one off custom made trailer so made with refrigeration wall's.

The trailer is a replaceable item however the 8 wheels which will only fit a Group A GMS R32 and are irreplaceable....these are the main things we are after.

Any help with recovering this would be great and a reward will be paid depending on what condition everything is in when we get it back.




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That is terrible news and sorry to hear, makes me think about mine and wondering what security measures you took with securing this trailer and if mne are enough. Would you mind sharing what you had done?

I don't mind sharing once/if we get it back......I can tell you it was in a very secure location.

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No news on the trailer yet.

I still cannot believe that the RTA will fine you straight away through numberplate recognition for having an unregistered car but they cannot find a big monolith like this trailer.

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