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R35/hpx Maf Info Needed For Power Fc & Data To Tune With


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hi all,

so i have a power fc for my s15, im looking into the R35 GTR MAF. i know there are more modern computers out there, but this is what i have and i would rather make this work.

so i have been reading heaps about the R35 maf's and their capabilities, they are cheaper then the z32's and more responsive suposably.

there is also this option


i see a few people have dabbled with the r35 and the HPX, but i cant seem to find any data for the R35 MAF.

the hpx website supplies flow rates vs voltages.

there is also nistune who put up this


however it would seem that the HPX will support a much higher HP number then the r35.

myself personally would prefter the r35 maf to support a smaller turbo with streetablilty.

does anyone know how to scale the power fc (FC DATALOGIT) air flow readings?

and or convert from lbs/min to PFC data?


R35 MAF flowrates to PFC Data...



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what i reallly need after all that is the following data for the R35 GTR MAF,

voltage vs flow

i cant find that info anywhere !!!

if i can get that, i can get a close scale to put it into the PFC, i have found the nissan polynominal to make adjustments, and then fine tune to suit my car once in there. but just need the data first up.

even resistance / voltage woul dbe a good start to work it backwards with interpolation to the stock afm.

there is a lot of talk about it on forums, but actual hard data is a mission to come by for this MAF.


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my bad.... still a bit of a steep learning curve here.

but with some form of units of data ya can interpolate it.

the HPX gives lbs/min flow vs voltage.

idealy that would be awesome to get from the R35 GTR MAF....

if anyone out there has it?

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i believe thats covered in the link that r31nismoid posted..

basically i need the flow vs voltage points as a starting point.

i will be re-tuning hte fuel map anyways

a good starting point is better than no starting point.

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Nistune has VQ maps for all the AFMs in the installation (OK, probably actually in the ROM Pack, but no matter). You can install Nistune and look at the Z32 one, noting down the VQ maps, then you could do the same with the R35 AFM VQ map. You could even load up a map for a Z32 VG30DET then use the software to do a change to the R35 AFm and not the changes that it makes to the k value and so on. That would instruct you quite well on the relativity between them.. If you couldn't parley that data into a useful starting VQ for your PFC I'd be very surprised.

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f**king legend !

i was going to install nistune tonight and have a poke around at a whimb to see if it would have any data i could use.

thanks for clearing that up!

that will be a good start,

and to be honest, that will most probably be pretty close!

then a tune of the fuel map to clean it up.


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The VQ AFM's are very similar to the R35 ones, and can be had very cheap these days. If there is data around for them they would be a no brainer over the Z32.

VQ afm????

Voltage Quantifier (VQ) ???

i will have hte data conversion from the r35 later with any luck.

the R35 are about 90 odd $ then an adaptor welded to a pipe and voila!

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so the question is, where did you find the Flow table vs voltage to tune the thing?

so i have interpolated with averages between nistune and apexi.

fark... its rough as guts, but it could be a start...

iv contacted apexi to see if they have any data i can use.

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;) ya onto it now.

yep im tuning it my self.

hence why im trying to get as much data as i can ;)...

and yes your right. once the curve is pretty right with respects to resolution. you can fix up the fuel map to suit the needs of the tune.

the tuning side isnt the concern, just the R35 afm data is lol!

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  • 1 month later...


ok so since we last spoke sau...

i bought an official APEXi kit, from streeter who was very helpful as always..

it comes with the flow data to punch into the pfc for maf calibration,

how i interpolated the nistune data, was obviously incorrect....

you can see my the graph attached the r35gtr right and left banks is my interpolation of the nistune data.

unfortunatley i f**ked that up somewhere. and its always easier to get data from someone who has actually tested and aquired it.

so i decided to go this route for something different, its cost is a bit cheaper than a Z32, and i wont be aiming for anything near 300rwkw (about what hte z32 can handle on a sr apparantly - no idea. never tried or seen)

so thought id throw this up for the benefit on anyone else going down this path with a power fc..


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  • 3 years later...

A bit old, but still the most informative bit of info I have come across when it comes to calibrating the R35 MAF.  

But, still not enough I think.  

I have a power fc, datalogit, and am hoping to throw a R35 MAF onto my RB25 R32.  There are many more options for R35 MAF adapaters now and the aforementioned APEXi kit is pretty ugly.  Someone is selling the MAF data separately on yahoo auctions, but if I can enter the info myself it would be helpful. 

Does anyone have any ideas of how to enter the above graph info numerically into the power fc? 

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