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Motorkhana, Oran Park skid pan, 11 July 04


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Round 5 of the NSW Motorkhana Cahmpionship is being held at the Oran Park Skidpan by the Volkswagen Club of NSW

If you do not know what a Motorkhana is, have a read of www.motorkhana.com ;)

Those who entered last time had a ball and were also very competitive with Duncan winning his class and myself winning 2 of the events in my class :mad: (I'm still ahead of him by 1 place though ;))

This is a fantastic opportunity to get into some motorsport. Stress on the car is minimal and it's GREAT FUN :)

Where: Oran Park Skidpan

When: Sunday the 11th of July

Cost: $50 Entry Fee

Bring: Long Sleeve shirt, Long pants, Closed shoes, CAMS L2S Licence (if you have one already), your SAU NSW Member Card (if you have one already), a Pen (Helmet's were not required last time but bring it just in case )


of course if you belong to any other CAMS Affiliated car club then that is fine as well

Applications for membership will be accepted on the day and costs $50. You will also then need to purchase a L2S CAMS Licence which will cost $83. Forms for both will be available to you on the day.

This will also be the unveiling of the Team Raceworx Motorkhana Car to be piloted by Kelly Handley and myself.

Supplementary Regulations are unavailable as the club running the event have chosen not to distribute them, they're advise it just turn up on the day, fill in the entery form and away you go. If you'd like to read the supp regs from the last event (which wont be too different to this one) then they are available HERE

Hope to see you guys there ;)

Register your attendance here: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/ca...y=2004-7-11&c=1

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Can't wait for the "Un-Veiling" of the team Raceworx's car. :D;):):)

Guy's If you want a low key,,,TOP Motorsport fun day,,,this is it. It's very casual and every car imaginable competes. Last time we had everything from their single seater specials down to an auto LC Torana driven by 2 kids.


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I will be unveiling my secret weapon.

Now I just have to finish modifying the jet engine to fit.


Bloody hell another un-veiling.

I'll un-veil my monster right in here. N12 Pulsar,,,Auto. Striped and as Mel has nicknamed it the "HUMPSTER"


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hehe we'll have something out there but its looking less and less liekly to be the mighty 200b....hell of a lot of work to pull a diff out of one of those ;)

Neil, can't wait to see your beast out there :(

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Well I took to the streets for a little early motorkhana practice last night.

Got fishtail?

i like your style

i watched a jap drift/track (but mostly drift) dvd last night

then i went to get some fuel. it's very hard to be sensible after you've just watched a drift dvd hehe

anyway sorry, i better keep it on topic eh. should you bloody good fun on sunday. go the skylines! bloody lsd tho. wish i could get it locked up before sunday.

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Neil....good plan...wish I had thought of that before I got half thru the job

Mark....I say we do a group buy on diff welding at Nathans :cheers:

the old garage has needed a few more tools since the datsun moved in, big arse breaker bar was todays addition, 30 year old bolts are *hard* to undo

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