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Dali Racing Smart Shift Shift Light Module

Bass Junky

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Hi Guys and Girls

I’m putting together a group buy on a clever little shift light as seen on Autospeed.

It’s for those who want the convenience of a shift light, but not the big arse tacho and associated hardware that goes with it.

It’s a little module that hides away wherever you want to put it and the shift light or buzzer (or both if you like) can also be mounted wherever you want them. Good for those who wish to remain discreet, like myself.


As these are very well priced to start with, the manufacturer can only offer a small discount on them, but we can save some money on the freight if they all come together.

Normal cost $70 USD

Offer is $65 USD

Plus freight.

Group Buy Prices

5 off AUD $ 103 each (inc freight to Melbourne)

10 of AUD $ 99 each (inc freight to Melbourne)

Extra freight for those not in Melbourne


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Guest Moses

just thought I'd offer my support, it seems like a nice simple idea.

maybe its not ricey enough for most, having to buy a cheap liitle globe to wire up

instead of tha MONSTER tacho combo.

I want a shift light soon, but will find out whether my ECU can control one first.

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Although looking at it, I wouldn't mind one like that............

I've already e-mailed the guy about them to enquire some more stuff, in the meantime, here's some pics for other people.....

Pics are from a Honda NSX but you get the idea....


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Hey BASE (and geoff) just something I thought I'd throw in here. The R34 GTR's have as part of their little computer thingy a function where you can set the red-line value for you tacho on and a little red light just like this comes on.

I never bloomin see the thing come on when Im on the track and I always hit the damn limiter! So consequently Im considering getting a bigger shift light.

If my gearbox ever gets repaired Im more than happy to show you guys for your own experience if you like?

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I guess this doesn't count on GT-Ts though does it.

Damn the povo pack!


Not sure what you mean here but I was basically just trying to say that I have a small shift light right now and in the fury of the track when the shift light is really helpfull you can't see it because you really want something that turns on in the corner of your eye but you still catch.

Make sense? You really only see the litle light come on if you are looking at it. But if you are paying attention to the road/track you dont know you've reached the shift value sometimes until you hear that wonderful stutter of the limitter! I personally think you need a BIGGER light so that you see it come on.

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or 33's :)

Great thing about rwd is no broken gearboxes

Andrew I'd be happy to check it out and just as happy to rig a high intensity LED to that little shift lamp, maybe in the line of sight so you can see it at warp seven.

Take about an hour and $1.50 in parts.

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Bass, any thoughts on the Rev lite on that Dali site? Just like the thought of an early warning as the lights step up. Cheaper too. Should be fine for any 6 as it uses tacho signal as well.

I'm interested in the buy if it goes ahead.


I have one of these but there a real pig to setup.

You need to get the engine to the redline to set them.

Setting it on the road is a little tricky at redline. Setting it on the dyno would be the go but costs

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