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Well, every now and then you DO find a killer deal on Ebay and it's not too good to be true.

BW 8374 EFR .92 IWG showed up. $1685 USD shipped to my door!

Also ordered the RAW brokerage manifold for it. I'm excited for sure.

They say the head should be done this week. If this all goes as planned then we will have some AWESOME pictures this weekend...gold valve covers and all.

Check out some pictures next to a GT2860r-7 turbo.







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Also I wanted to point out that the research to pick this turbocharger is located in a thread here. It may be a bit long winded, but the data is there.


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Still chugging alot while waiting for the cylinder head to come back from the shop.

So I did the oil pan sump and -10 AN fittings. I used the Summitracing weld-on fittings and it worked great.

Still just waiting on head and the RAW BROKERAGE manifold for the internal gate to arrive.

I'm going back with a NISMO LSD diff in the front.




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Perfect... I've seen a sump like that somewhere before haha

Watch out for the oil drain thread, it's not uncommon for them to strip in the trust extension

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Things are finally going together.

They will be done with my cylinder head and it will be shipped out in 3 days! This is good news.

I also received the manifold from RAW BROKERAGE. It's their internally wastegated, divided manifold for the BW EFR 8374 turbo that I have. I'm liking the simplicity of IWG design and setup and this manifold is truly a work of art. The collector is absolutely sexy inside and out.

Spent some time setting up the NISMO LSD in the front diff. I went with the 1.5 way kit. It came with new bearings, seals, etc. I did have to change the side cover shim and luckily everything else fell right in spec after I got that shim correct. The gear blueing, preloads, etc worked great.

Expect some REALLY cool pictures as soon as I get that head, because it should start looking like a complete engine very shortly after.



















Edited by HarrisRacing
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New plate finally arrived.

STILL WAITING ON CYLINDER HEAD !!!!! 4 and a half Months!!!


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FINALLY received the cylinder head. Machine work looks good, and they definitely did finish cleaning up my port work.

The head is on and the engine is getting better!

I couldn't mount the turbo and manifold because the shop forgot to send my studs back after the machine work. They sent out a brand new set!

Also showed how I did the mine's triple baffle covers. (instructions in Japanese, but English converted instructions are available on this forum). It should be noted that the cam cap covers need to be moved to the rear of the head. Observe pictures.

And the color for the valve covers looks GREAT. More like GOLDZYLA.

Also I'm going to use Murrays timing pickup conversion, but I didn't have bolts. From what I measured last night, I will need 7mmx1.00 thread x 43mm long bolts (or somewhere thereabout). I'll have pictures of that setup bolted in place by the end of the week.












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Looking good.

You need m6 bolts. There's pretty much nothing ever m7.

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Everyone loves pictures of progress!

Decided on Hypertune V2 6 injector intake manifold with 90mm TB....ordered. 3 or so weeks out.

Turbo is fit up (did not use gasket for now just in case there were issues). Looks great! everything is very accessible so far.

Also fitted Murrayis cam timing components on the cam and it worked great. I had to cut my nitto timing cover to fit, but that's fine...I'll design / fabricate an additional cover to this one. FYI - they ARE m7 bolts!

The Murrayis crank trigger didn't work with Tomei oil pump. The external adjustability simply is too thick of a casting for clearance for the sensor. I'll make something work here soon.













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More progress. Still working all by myself and I don't know what I was thinking stabbing that motor and trans in there without an extra set of hands. That engine and trans is LONG! My brother had the lifts all tied up at the shop, but I wanted to get the engine and trans in so I could plan where and how to route my turbo and exhaust piping.

I should have removed the hood

I should have purchased a load-leveling device

I should have gone in from the bottom (but the lifts were taken up)

But despite all of that...I did it!

Anyway it's in there!

The NIsmo Super coppermix twin Clutch is a work of art. The vented center plate really sets it apart from other multi's that I have used in the past on other cars.

I did decide to use ARP flywheel bolts instead of stock Nissan (I had them from the first clutch swap I planned).

Turbo does NOT clear the underhood supports...bummer! I was so hoping it would. Also the power steering return line is in a bind and will need to be rerouted, but the AC lines look perfect!

I'll be waiting on the hypertune V2 manifold for a couple of weeks, but for now it will be Oil catch can piping, coolant piping, and turbo / interecooler piping.

There is LOTS of unsaid work when going single turbo. BUT it cleans up the engine bay to no end compared to the twins! Especially where the downpipe and turbo discharge areas are.
























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rear oil drain is not required(doesn't work anyway, same deal with the mines triple flow baffles) if you got the block to head restrictor size matched to your oil pump you will be sweet. I ran a .9mm restrictor with a Reinmax pump(JUN pump flow). The solid lifters don't require a great deal of oil.

The EFR turbo's have a turbine speed limit(560m/s for the 8374). It is a very good idea to run their speed sensor(with a road rage gauge) to ensure you stay below this limit other wise they will eventually spit the Gamma Ti turbine out the exhaust. Many teams running the EFR will dyno tune and then put new turbo's on prior to each race as they run at or above the turbine speed limit. Anti Lag also isn't a good idea. Apart from that they are the best turbo in the world.


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oh, also. Run redline lightweight gear oil in your box. I blew 13 boxes then changed oil..blew none. Don't flat change with the std box and you should be good. R32 gearbox runs different energiser clip than the series 3 33 GTR. If you do replace the box get the Series 3 33 R box.

The EFR vband outlet is a weird size that only BW sell

have you sorted suspension? If not take a look at MCA reds www.mcasuspension.com

Edited by BoostdR

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm aware the rear head "drain" really isn't required...but I had purchased it (as well as the Mines baffles) last year prior to knowing that...and I had welded a fitting into the front of my oil pan already for a return (there are 2 there, one for this, the other for the catch can setup) so what the heck I'll block it off if I really don't see a need for it.

I'm running the stock Tomei restrictor and their oil pump on high-flow mode. I also will be running 2 cyclonic separators and then a catch can. I have lots of plumbing to do while I wait on the Hypertune.

And yes the turbine speed gauge is high on my list, but not until we get the initial tuning and break-in done. I will be running low boost until I get that based on the fact that I'll be on the Haltech internal sensor (limited to 22 psi) and the Mid-range EFR boost cannister (20.6 psi). I think the car should still be a rocket on pumpgas with those components.

Thanks again.

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