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Hi all i have a R33 GTST and i am wondering if any one else is runing a hksgt2530 on there skyline i am just about to buy one but before i do i would like to know how much more power will it give me and do they just bolt straight on things like that and does anyone know whats the max psi i can run through it. mods at the moment are blitz fmic, sacf2, 3 inch turbo back exust, blitz boost control, air filter and bov and it has 170 rwkw so what do u think it would take it to thanks for all ya help!

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    • I like these 2 pics of mine    
    • Anyone have pics or fitment of 18 9.5 + 22 or +30 on stock front 32 gtst guards?
    • Anyone have pics or fitment of 18 9.5 + 22 or +30 on stock front 32 gtst guards?
    • I don't have a Stagea but what I've found after a quick search is that the S14 Silvia "winkers" (as they call them in Japan) do indeed fit the 260RS Autech, but are a little more 'curved' in appearance. I'm sure you've seen this already but it seems that the S14 winkers are easier to get. There were companies like KT Project who made aftermarket clear winkers for the Stagea (pre-facelift) but they are gone now and pop up on Yahoo auctions from time to time. Maybe someone else has the genuine ones? I couldn't come up with anything at the moment for sale.
    • Got quoted £50 per knuckle to vapor hone them, so bought a sand blasting cabinet and did it myself  Pretty happy with the first attempt  I didn't get a before picture, I was too excited to use my new toy  The knuckle was pretty much black though when I started
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