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GTR 2nd intercoolers....

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Howdy peeps,

Would like peoples opinions on intercoolers in 2 areas.

1) I can get hold of a GTR 2nd cooler and installed for about $950.

Should i go for that or get a kit thru nengun like the V-SPL brand new for $1300 and install myself (maybe)

2) If the GTR cooler is bought and installed, is running the piping back under the cooler back to the origin piping the best option or better going thru the "hole in the wall" method. The distance looks almost the same.

Thanks guys....

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If you decide to run with GTR cooler, you'll be much better off to run the return up through the gaurd to the plenum. A nightmare to plumb it nicely the other way 'cause the GTR cooler is higher than the aftermarket ones that have the "under" return.

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Remember that when you fit a GTR cooler, the top edge will be virtually hard up against the bonnet latch, and the bottom edge will be pretty close to level with the bottom of a standard front bar. Therefore, if you want the return pipe to hang lower than your front bar go for it. Might not last long though!

I would suggest you bring the return pipe up through the inner gaurd and over to the plenum above the radiator, that is of coarse if your not prepared to re-locate your throttle body to the front of the engine.

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The taper that the gtr cooler end tanks have are not straight like some.I say if your going to run the pipe back under to the origional posi buy a hybrid or anything that will meet your requirements for performance and budget.

This is what i am doing and allthough i have most of the pipeing allready its going to cost me next to nothing for some brackets and silicon hose on top of the price of the cooler.

do a search on places like www.cappa.com.au for mandrel bends just to give you an idea of prices + sizes for them and i can pretty much guarantee you that you could do it all yourself for a cheaper price.They are all highly polished as well.Theres probably place's cheaper than cappa and if you dont want the high polished look theyre even cheaper as i understand it. :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin: :headspin:

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