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r32 FS - melbourne, going cheap

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hi guys,

r32 wine red gts-t for sale.

slightly damaged and needs repair.

car is 100% mechanical condition, perfectly driveable. had a hit from the rear when stationary.

car has been serviced every 5000km using the finest motul motor oils and only ever run on 98RON BP Ultimate or Mobil Synergy fuel.

car includes:

- full aftermarket bodykit (front bar, sideskirts, rear pods, looks amazing)

- podfilter and adaptor

- full 3" turbo back exhaust (including screamer pipe and race-use straight pipe cat replacement.) slightly damaged

- cusco strut braces front and rear

- KYB sr-special coilovers with sustec springs

- heavy duty single plate clutch and lightened flywheel

- trust type-r blow off valve

- NGK platinum spark plugs (only done 5000km)

- 16" rims with 90% tyres

- momo race style steering wheel

- HKB boss kit

- genuine momo-corse racing pedals

- blitz voice-guide turbo timer

- aftermarket shift knob

- rpm adjustable shift light

- sard pro-meter 2bar boost gauge

- garage8 alamr system, features central locking, keyless entry, anti hijacking and remote start

- many other minor rice additions such as interior neons, red interior trims and aftermarket radiator cap, etc.

can also include hybrid core 600x300x80 FMIC with complete custom piping and alpine headunit stereo with alpine type-r speakers in the rear and boston coustic splits in the front.

price without stereo and FMIC: $10,500

price with stereo and FMIC: $11,500

the sale comes with 2 16" blitz racing rims, standard intercooler, standard speakers, HKS air box with apexi panel filter, aftermarket turbo back twin-barrel exhaust that the car came with from japan including legal cat, aftermarket dump pipe and front pipe.


car was hit from the rear. boot floor and rear bar need repair. fuel tank has been knocked in and 2nd hand tank can be sourced for $200 from wreckers. all wheel arch gaps, rear quarter guards and door gaps are still perfect. body tolerance has been measured by a professional to be 5mm, rear can be straightened out to 2mm, which is more rigid than the +/- 3mm that is released from the factory. exhaust from the cat back might need repair or replacing.

car looks absolutely immaculate, and is a shame to have to sell. will most definately repair if not bought. but due to huge insurance payout, i may move onto a brand new car.

come and see the car, only real damage is boot floor and rear bar, test drives welcome as the car is incredibly smooth, quick and looks great. can send pictures upon request via email. im located in melbourne so preferably local buyers only.


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thanks to all those who have replied by post, email and phone.

here are pics as requested, sorry for the delay.

i have had a few offers from workshops that i have taken the car to, and in comparison my price is realistic. still looking to sell the car as is, becuase many of the workshops are offering me good prices minus the mods, and i would prefer to sell all the mods with the car.

1 - side profile of car, can see the damaged exhaust and double sided tape where the pods used to sit (still have the rear pods in good condition, but removed them to show no damage to the rear quarters

2 - front right angle shot (do excuse the bowl of grass)

3 - low front angle shot

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1 - engine bay pic, comes with standard spark plug cover (rice up in chrome finish) and cam belt cover also. also have several lengths of heat sleeve to cover the custom FMIC piping

2,3,4 - interior shots (note the riced up features and "no fat chicks" sticker, which unlike many other skylines on the road, has saved my suspension)

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pics of some of the extra parts that come with the car

1 - one of the 3 extra blitz rims included

2 - stock intercooler and steering wheel

3 - among the mess is a twin barrel jap exhaust, hks airbox, apexi panel filter, cam belt cover etc...

4 - somewhere under there is the dump, front, cat, 4" connector which breaks into 2x2.75" barrels, a silvia grille, stock speakers and under the table theres a 5m long roll of mesh

5 - no, my dad's commodore isn't included, but those 2 blitz rims along the wall are

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