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removing head off rb20det ... whats needed to reassemble

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Basically my sisters car has a cracked head. Will be taking the head off to get it fixed and wondering what parts need to be or should be replaced while the heads off. Going to do valve stem seals, head gasket (obviously) manifold gaskets. What else should be done?

The engine has 140,000k's on it and is still running great.

Also the radiator is screwed... anyone suggest what all alloy radiators are available for around 800dollar mark to suit r32 gts-t?



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PWR do a straight fit alloy rad. for these -- around $770 for a 40mm one

inlet gaskets, if your doing valve stem seals and head gasket, just go buy a VRS kit from nissan for them.... they are cheaper than getting the bits separately!! that will do cam seals, inlet and exhaust gaskets, head gasket andvalve stem seals.. pretty much everything you need!

your fixing the head? why not replacement? minimum of decking the head would be needed too!

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so all i will need is a VRS kit and manifold (exh+inlet) gaskets?

Metal head gaskets will make the car a little slower off boost won't it and make it a slight bit laggier?

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sprint32, true but i just have a thing against using thing if they have failed that much to actually cracking! personal choice though!

Cyph3r, the VRS kit includes the inlet and exhaust gaskets, it has pretty much all top end gaskets you would need!!!

metal head gaskets (when larger than standard) will reduce the compression, so if everything else remains the same then it will perform worse, usually they are used with increased boost!

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