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Wiring schematic for R34

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sorry, but it's not the same.

bob, i'll see if I can find it for you.

EDIT: is there a specific wire you're looking for? might be quicker to look at an apexi manual :wassup:

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I smell shenanigans afoot :thumbsup: If you get the full diagram chuck it my way. BTW once I re-purchase an ignition harness I'm wiring it up using the Zener diode trick....hopefully I'll have the e-manage working....then give you guys the full details.

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Two reasons. I'm looking at a new product that is yet to be released but I know a guy who used to work for (presently unnamed company) and can get them but we would need the full deal so he can wire it in.

Also, I think my AVC-R is wired in wrongly as my injector duty cycle never gets over 22%.

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Wolf GTR plugin fits R33 and 34 GTRs so they must be the same plus i have fitted an R33 GTR PFC in to a 34GTR.

not meaning to hijack but steve did you have to change some wiring to do this?Also did the vehicle have the factory immobiliser working correctly before you fitted it?

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