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looking for Stock r34 exhaust and circulating valve


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I am in the process of complaincing my r34 gt-t and it came with a 3inch exhaust (cat back) and a blow off valve. The car is currently in sydney and i am melbourne.

For me to finish off compliance i need these parts:

stock exhaust cat back (if anyone knows if an r33 exhaust fits plz let me know)

Circulating vavle and the gasket for the circulating valve

If anyone has one for sale or would let me borrow em just to finish off compliance

i would surely buy a slap of beer or something like that for such a favour :thumbsup:

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Hey there,

I have a full standard exhaust, including Front Pipe, Cat and full Exhaust.

It's off a 98 R34 GT-T.

I do not have the blow off valve.

If the one that's on the car is a plumb back, you can ship that down here and I can fit it to my car, then when your's is complianced we can swap again.

Let me know.


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