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Some1 Plz Try This


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I was wondering what this would look like

I was wondering if you could

1. Take the air slot off the Do Luck Bonnet

2. Add the side cuts and 3 little ones at the front (so not the big middle one) from the sliver bonnet onto the do luck one

3. And add the 2F2F plastic thing on it. (and yes i wanna see the engine still)

4. Keep the bonnet black, but if you have time, make a CF one and a Gold one

if black cant be done (cos u wont see the slots?) just make it blue or something

Thanks alot

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This was a really quick effort. I got bored tryin to make the see through bit look real. The angle of it is all f#cked up. I'm sure someone else here will give it a better go.


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