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newbie dumb questions

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hi guys

cople of questions (probably stupid ones no doubt)

1) do all skylines come with a afm or is this a after market optionor diy install .

reason bieng there is not one on my car (see pic)

2) i was messing around in the boot the other day ,and i came across a box that looks similar to a ecu , it situated on the right hand side near the speaker,

can anyone tell me what this is and what it does (told u there were stupid questions)

im sorry if these are simple answered question ,

but i have been a holden v8 owner for some time and have only recentley found the path to enlightenment thru the almighty nissan skyline,

basically i am just trying to find out as much of what i dont understand as possible but in the process may come across as dumb questions

so i apoligise in advanve and hope you can bare me

oh and i can dribble on a bit (youve probably noticed)




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Im pretty sure the boot box is the HICAS (4 wheel steer controller).

The standard ECU uses an AFM so its either hidden in the pic or you have a tricky aftermarket computer. Have a look in the passenger footwell for the computer, you might get a pleasant surprise ;)

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Yeh comp in the boot is HICAS computer.

I cant see an AFM in the picture, i can see an AVCR/POWERFC boost solenoid tho

Have u got a Powerfc?

Ahh another v8 to skyline convergence :mad: Nice work :cheers:

Looks like a descent engine bay too, mite wanna keep an eye on that blowby to atmosphere filter, youll get an oil film over everything eventually.

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