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1993 R32GTS-t RB25DET (canberra)

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The car has a fully engineerd RB25DET with 3.5in dump pipe into a 3in exhaust all the way back, it's now legal db limit too. The car has 107000k's on it but the motors got about 30,000, Very large fmic, HKS SSQ bov, hi flowed turbo, pod filter, apexi super AFC, Not sure on what brand the wheels are, 17x8at front 17x9 at rear, all with good tyres, car has been lowerd, rides very nicely, does come with eveb lower springs.

Asking $23000 ono,

Call 0422197617 i

f you are interested or e-mail me at

[email protected]

This is a very quick car, only been g-tech'd once. got a 13.2 with major traction issues.

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the car is alright, but too expensive, that's why people don't want it. 23000 for an r32? don't think so, above is being sold a 97 r33. Suggestion, lower price. Offering 12000 as a serious offer.

I agree that the car may be overpriced - BUT 12g is a bit of a joke as you will be hard pressed to find a standard 32 in good condition for that price. This car has had a RB25 conversion and fully engineered!!

im not trying to make any trouble here - just trying to see where the buyers is comming from.

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Pis'c would be nice , but i'll be upfront, i'm not really looking a swaping unless there is a car i come across that grabs me and has some cash with it to, i'm more after a cruzing car, as i've got my little race Toyota Sprinter and have no real need for another fast car in the driveway.

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