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G'day guys,

I have some DVD'd/Vids I don't watch anymore.

-Best Motoring Vol. 5 DVD - Evo/WRX challenge, Straight six challenge (modified NA RB20 R32 GTS, Amuse Supra TT, Mines R34 GT-R ) and circuit battle for modified Supra, R34 GT-R, FD RX7, and S15 silvia. $20

-High Performance Imports Volume 8 - Nearly new, drift/drag etc, slightly damaged case (DVD fine) $25

-Drift Bible DVD - Excellent condition $25

-HPI V.2 VHS - Drift, Drag, good condition $10

-Crusty Demons "The Next Level" DVD : EC $15

-Crusty Demons "The 7th Mission" DVD : EC $15

Or the lot for $85, inc postage.

Start a DVD collection on the cheap....

I'm in Tassie but I'll post stuff at your expense. Postage will be better value if you buy more than 1 DVD......

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