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My car has been written-off.. *no accident damage*

here is a list(I'll add more as they come to memory)

Rebuilt RB25. Heavily ported head, modified combustion chambers, custom one off OS Giken Forged Pistons, new conrod bearings, pins.(10,000km)-SOLD specialK

264 8.5mm cams -sold Bennopayment received

Ported manifold STD - SOLD Bennopayment received

HKS Stainless manifold T3/45mm greddy style wastegate flange -SOLD SpecialKpayment received

HKS Super dragger Dump to tip, cat in pipe. seperate wastegate pipe entire --------length: includes HKS dump, front pipe, cat in pipe, center muffler, rear muffler. ---rear section 4" the rest 3.5" (see pic)SOLD Mic_skypayment Received

Extreme single plate clutch(6months old)

OS Giken sprung twin plate clutchm with flywheel-SOLD payment received Sly33

HKS solid twin with flywheel

Apexi filter-SOLD SpecialK

GreddyFMIC-kit-SOLD MUCKPayment Received

C's short shifter -SOLD Benno

White leather boot and handbrake boot-SOLD Bennopayment received

Luminous dial kit with custom shift lights - SOLD Bennopayment received

Alpine EQ-SOLD Bennopayment received

SONY 504X AMP 50wRMSx4@4ohmns 100wrmsx4@2ohmns- SOLD/pen mike-R32

DLS splits -SOLD/pending mike _R32

Sony expode splits -SOLD/pending mike_R32

Alpine 6 disc stacker-SOLD Benno

JIC strut brace(cromed) -SOLD SpecialK payment received

Bocsh 044 pump-SOLDspecialK payment received

NISMO adj fuel reg-SOLDspecialK payment received

BTM stainless mirror finish swirl pot (NEW)

LCD digital intake temp display-SOLDSpecialK payment received

Twin Thermo FANS- 12" & 15"-SOLD SpecialKpayment received

Water spray setup

Adj OS cam gears -sold Benno

momo steeringwheel-damagedbossnismo horn-SOLD STRUTTOpayment received

Nismo white gear knob-SOLD Benno

2pak black electric window switch surrounds

Rear cradle anti tramp kit (solid Alu)-SOLD benno

Front bolton spacers Sold/pending N/A (sticky date)

Engine Fuse Box and lid(with relays and fuses) SOLD N/A

GAB super stroke coilovers adj damper

Adj camber rods (front)-SOLD Benno

Modified std bov (30psi) benno

custom polished catch can (legal style)-SOLD benno

4' CAI, perspex box-SOLD benno

GTR wing -SOLD Muckpayment received

adj carbon look lip-SOLD specialK payment received

M spec body kit

front splitters with tensioners-SOLD specialK payment received

modified Mspec front bar

DVD player with remote-SOLD Benno

Sound Stream Rubicon 12' sub in box

front lights(s1) with eye lids, philips cyrstal vision globes-SOLD SpecialKpayment received

Front lights S1-SOLD/pending payment Craved

Nismo side indicators-SOLD benno

brake booster support-custom-SOLD specialKpayment received

Hybrid VG30 250rwkw turbo -sold benno

fibre glass bonnet of carbon version of pic (new)

carbon fibre look wipers original nissan set of 3-SOLD SpecialK payment received

Gearbox and puck clutch --sold Rb20_

front bar-SOLD GSONpayment received

Power steering pump and resevoir SOLD/Pending S13 Drifter

Side skirts- SOLD DVS-80R

Indicator stalk -SOLD/Pending Tezzy

Skyline MATS -SOLD specialK

Front Grill - SOLD Last temptationpayment received_+sent

Radiator -SOLD/pending Craved

Under steering dash section -SOLD/pending Craved

A pillar plastic -Sold/pending Craved

****and more

Nissan Stagea Engine RB25DET

TEIN H/A Suspension SOLD4door_sleeper payment received

RB25det Standard turbo

Blitz BOV with pipe R33

Addzest(Clarion) ADX 5555z Double din Tape/CD 40Wx4 CD/MD changer control

Large multi colourText+Spectrum display, silver in colour

Sanyo parabolic eq, 5.1 surround decoder with remote mount face+ hideaway modual, centre channel amp, multi amp controller, crossover control

All other parts available are STD, the car is very straight. damaged panels are to paint only

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how much do would you want for these?Bocsh 044 pump,Water spray setup,brake booster support-custom,Nismo white gear knob, boss kit,C's short shifter,air con radiator fan,the one at the very front of the car.could i get some pics and details of the parts.In particular the pump and water spray kit.

Email [email protected]

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Hey mate,

Sorry to hear you have written the car off..

how much are you looking for the motor?

I couldnt work out whether you are selling the bottom end and head seperately or as complete.

anyway i am interested in it complete or bottom end.

can you please PM me the price and also price on twin plate OS clutch.

Cheers mate


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What are the pricers for...

front lights(s1) with eye lids, philips cyrstal vision globes

GAB super stroke coilovers adj damper

Twin Thermo FANS- 12" & 15"

JIC strut brace(cromed)

Luminous dial kit

Bocsh 044 pump

NISMO adj fuel reg

Apexi filter

Greddy FMIC-full kit with piping

HKS Super dragger Dump to tip

fibre glass bonnet of carbon version of pic (new)

Could you please pm me details (condtion km travel etc and photos) 2 [email protected]

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