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Hi Guys,

I know its not a skyline question, but here goes. I have a nissan exa, and I am looking for a replacement/upgrade engine. I know the CA18DET bolts straight in. I am trying to find a CA18DET fom a U11. Problem is, I dont know any reputable people/shops to buy from. Can anyone give me any advice? Cars, front cuts, engines or parts that you've bought, from a good shop/supplier.

I've been quoted $2000 for a ca18det from a 180sx, with a complete top end from another ca18det.

Can someone gimme a hand :cheers:. If i can find a solid FWD CA18DET from someone good, that'd be great.

Warmest Regards, Jase

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These things are as hard to find as rocking horse shit!! You will be hard stretched to find one in Sydney. Maybe try Adelaide Jap or Rollin Imports??

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