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Thick Oils???


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hey all!

i underwent an oil change this morning! Prior to oil selection read up on the heap of info on the site regarding oil choice and viscosity!

i went for the castrol formula R synthetic. Any way i got some one to pick it up for me and well they came back with the 10w 60 instead of the 5w 30... Simply though impatience i put it in any ways!

This will not cause any problems will it?

Also for clarification... in the spec 10w 60 the first number is the cold thickness and the second is the hot thickness! Yes?

thanks all!


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hey just found the tread "Genuine Nissan 7.5w30 engine oil" must have slipped past me on the search i did!

found out all info i needed! got the impression that the oil will be fine!!

but still feel free to comment on the oil i got!!!

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