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Wakefield Park Trackday with RexNet #2 - 27th August


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after the success of RexNet trackday #1 they are at it again with #2. Already booked they are now looking to fill 40 car spots for the day. The day is very well run with ample track time for all. I hope you can come and join me punt around the track with some great people and cars.

Your spot will not be guaranteed until the full amount of money is deposited into the organisers account (as he has already pre-paid the full amount with his own money). Details below, taken from http://www.rexnet.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14799

Register your attendance here (after you've paid!):


Wakefield Track day is Friday August 27th 2004

probably the most fun you'll have in your car yet while learning a heap about your car, your driving and the limits of both put together in a safe and controlled environment.

no need to think that you aren't fast enough, or your car is not moded enough, the first time I went there was a stock Gemini and a stock Toyota Corolla from a car rental company racing around. we all had our first time, and had loads of fun in doing so.

I have booked the Track for REX.NET members and friends for a private track day for us only to give you a feel for what its like to be on a track and also see just how fun your car really can be.

again Wakefield Track day is Friday August 27th 2004

NOTE: I am booking the day out of my own pocket, so I will need for people to pay up before hand so I can finish paying for the track before the day.

Cost will be $80 per driver (+ $40 12 month Wakefield licence payable on the day if you don't already have one).

Please PM or email ([email protected]) me to arrange payment as soon as is possible, as payment will secure your spot in an ABSOLUTE maximum 40 car field.

Layout Everyone will be split into 4 groups and will be on the track in 15 minute lots, giving everyone fair time on the track, plenty of time to give drivers and cars a rest, with assurance of 15 minutes every hour on the track. More experienced drivers will be on hand to give the first timers a ride as passengers and also ride as passengers for the first few laps to show you the lines of the track

What Do I NEED to Bring? All you need to bring is a Helmet (can be hired from the track), long sleve shirt, Long pants and covered shoes (just some old sneakers).

Lunch the Tucker Shop will be open all day for refreshments

Please remember, I have organised this and paid out of my own pocket so need payment before the day to me to secure your spot. It will be a great and enjoyable rex.net event and opertunity for some more laughs

The last track day we had was a huge success and a lot lot of fun.

the Track

Here is an 11meg vid what a day at Wakefield is like


Here is a 16.9 meg video of a hot lap arround the track


and another 12meg of an MY99


List of names attending start here












12: This could be you

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