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Who is Hitoshi Tamura?

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Any ideas? He's been quoted as saying RB stands for Race Breed which I think is wrong.

As far as I know the R means the engine is a six cylinder closed deck and the B means it is a petrol powered cast iron and nickel block.

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Although the SDU site does say it, I wouldn't believe that it has to be true. They also get the power figures wrong on some of the Skylines which is pretty straight forward stuff. I don't think it's meant to be the definitive Skyline / RB guide, just general advice.

I had also heard the 6 cyl closed deck theory too, Abo Bob. Can you think of any other Nissan engines with common letters? All I can think of at the moment is the RD28.

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does it have to mean anything...it is just an engine block designation.

All you have to know is the B in BNR32 is 2600, N is 4WD+HICAS (HNR32 has HICAS) and R32 is just that Skyline model/shape, similarly BCNR33 but C is now used for HICAS as this model ENR33 didn't have HICAS. In the R34 models the HICAS label was completely abolished for all.

B:RB26, E:RB25, H:RB20DE, F: CA, YH:RB20E

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RB = Inline straight 6 code

just like SR, CA, VQ and VG all mean the type of engine.

The idea that RB means Race Bred is an abosolute pile of rotting shit because there exists an RB24S... inline straight 6 carby engine. Its about as race bred as my left testicle. Made from 11/88 to 04/90 (so it predates the RB20DE or RB20E) there was also an RB30S which was put into Patrols from 09/88 to mid 1991. Since when are Patrol engines Race Bred?

I've collected an article by the dude who chaired the development of the RB20DET and the RB26DETT engines, and it makes no mention of "Race Bred". These two engines were supposed to be the race winners in the Nissan stable.

The closest thing I've ever come to a meaning put to it on any japanese documentation is by a tuning company that called it "Race Box" but I doubt its what RB stands for, moreso an interpretation just like "Race Bred".

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And in RD28 the R is the same but the D is for diesel.

Yeah I've got to say I'm with Abo Bob on this. I have the whole list at home somewhere - probably the same as the list that AB has. Can you post it up, please? It would save me searching my hard drive.

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it's not race bred..

some die hard RB fan probably thought it up..

if that was the case, then what does VG, CA, SR or FJ mean?

VG = very good

CA = cool as

SR = serious revs

FJ = fast jap


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R = 6 cylinder, closed deck.

B = Gasoline application using cast iron/nickle based block.


S = 4 cylinder, closed deck.

R= Gasoline application using sand-cast alloy based block.

K = 4 cylinder, closed deck.

A = Gaslone application using sand-cast iron based block.

Q = 4 cylinder, open deck.

R = Gaslone applcation using die-cast alloy based block.

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