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FS: Yokohama DNA Grand Prix tyres

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Hi all,

I have a set of Yokohama DNA Grand Prix tyres for sale. These are JDM tyres and sold only to the Japanese market. You will not find these tyres for sale anywhere else but Japan.

They were on my R32 GT-R. All tyres are 235 / 45 / ZR17


Tyres have seen 1 1/2 easy track days and have 80% tread left on them (assessed by my local Goodyear tyres service). Plenty of tread left.

Reason for sale: I just bought myself some very expensive semi slicks!!! :cheers:

$500 for the set.

I am in Sydney. Maroubra Beach. I will not transport them anywhere unless you organise pick-up. Email me at: [email protected] (or PM me).

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