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Well, some of you have mentioned that you would like a dyno day run for SAU, I have been ringing around a few places to try and get prices.

Before going any further with the organising, I just need to know how many people would be interested in attending.

Obviously, the more people that come, the cheaper it will be and the more fun will be had.

So, if I could just call for members who are interested in an exclusive Dyno Day to say I, and I'll try and work out which option will be better financially from the few places that have responded with resonable prices.

Also, people's opinions on opening up the invite to another club if the numbers aren't reached to have an exclusive day. Please let us know your opinion on the matter, and who you might like to invite. (Eg. WRX club or something) It will be a CLUB that is invited.. Not a website (Eg. Boostcruising or Qld Streetcar).

So go nuts and tell me what you think of the ideas! Only putting down definites now. Maybe's dont help me make up numbers :)

List of people who have expressed interest

  • NismoGirl
  • Shane
  • predator (Gordon)
  • Lazy-Bastard (Warwick)
  • Jaqule (Beau)
  • JLNewton (Jason)
  • Nexus9 (Chris)
  • 33Niz (Matt)
  • strutto (Adrian)
  • belgarion (James)
  • ausgtr
  • TeamKrazy (Neil)
  • Melv
  • PTR33 (Peter)
  • Genesis (Glenn)
  • Platium (Luke)
  • dr30man
  • Knore
  • Wados (Wade)
  • darrinspencer
  • Spooks_Skyline (Dave)
  • Brett33
  • WHITE R32 (Jon)
  • owned (Nick)
  • summoner (Mark)

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not fussed whoever turns up if numbers are needed. Even the pope could turn up and we could test how much that beast the Pope Mobile puts out at the wheels, hell I'd be all for that too :(

Some idea on pricing may be good. Think a lot of the time what happens people go "I'm keen" then the price comes up and people go ohhh, maybe not. Then the numbers are less than expected. just my 2c

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At the moment the prices I have are from Mercury Motorsport and The Brock Shop. With being a 4WD dyno, it's a little more expensive.

Mercury Motorsport - Newmarket (Also a sponsor of SAU QLD)

With around 30 cars the cost will be $45 per car. Obviously the less cars, the more it's going to cost. But that was an average of how many cars they will probably get through in a day of dyno'ing. That price is for both 2WD and 4WD which I thought was a good cost. That also includes like a "waiting room" which has like seating facilities, pool table, other "Stuff" and a screen which shows the dyno readout of the car that is being dynoed downstairs. It also includes a BBQ lunch for the the members running their cars on the dyno. Drinks are $1 each as well. Includes 2 power runs using the Shootout mode and a print out of the figure.

The Brock Shop - Underwood

They have said it would be around $40 for 2WD and $50 for 4WD with a dyno print out. Thats all the information I have obtained at this point in time. Not sure how many runs but I gather it would be 2 + a print out.

CNJ (Carb N Jet) - Underwood

$88 per car. I personally think this is WAY too expensive for a dyno run and a piece of paper.

Dynosource - Nerang

Still waiting for a response. I have been to Dynosource before and like the way they run the dyno days. Last time it cost $30 for 2WD and $40 for 4WD. That included two power runs using shoot out mode and a print out of the figure. Will wait to see what offer they have this time around. Apparently they have changed owners since then.

All the Dyno places I have contacted have been Dynonamics dynos because after the last SVD Dyno day, people didn't seem too happy with the power figures from the dynologics dyno.

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Yeah I would be in , that way I can have a Dyno sheet for my line on stock , before I chuck all my junk into the engine bay .

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