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Daioni's life in (really) rural japan - photo thread


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I guess I should add my 2c with a photo thread.

I'll try to throw in a mixture of arty crap (which is what I tend to do with my cameras), cars and ordinary life. Hopefully, within the chaos, there will be something of interest for everyone.

Most of the regular japan locals at SAU live urban or semi-urban lifestyles. My life is a little different... If you look at a map of japan, find the main island (honshu) then look off the north-west coast (in the japan sea), you will see a large-ish s-shaped island - that's where I (and 70,000 others) live: Sadogashima.

It's apparently the 5th largest of japan's many islands, so it's not that small. However - it is rural! The main occupations being rice-farming and fishing.

In the summer it often hits the mid-30s. Unlike eastern australia, the climate is very humid (if you've ever been to this part of asia, you'll know what I mean) - like taking a permanent shower. In the winter it gets cold - often dipping below zero. There's also a lot of snow (apparently it is one of the snowiest places on earth in this latitude), usually there are several knee-deep snow falls every winter.

And it can also get very windy at times - either from passing typhoons, or the pre-winter gales (blowing over from siberia - russia is only 700km away).

To start off, here's part of the view outside my front window. Shows off one of two mountain ranges (a couple of peaks over 1000m + great roads!) and some typically interesting roofing.

Japan loves overhead wires!!


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and here's an example of that snow!


It got a lot heavier too. On days like this, getting onto the road requires a snow shovel and plenty of time! Though I don't drive the FD in winter (17x9" snow tyres are a just a bit too expensive...). I'll find a nicer pic of her later.

Behind the FD you can just see my wife's old r33 4-door. Fantastic car, really (even if it had a slug-like rb20e), probably the most hassle-free car I've ever owned. I bought it a couple of days after arriving in japan (for the princely sum of around A$4k).

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The following couple of pics get included simply on the basis that they are already in my gallery folder :)

Firstly... rx7 + tunnel = lightspeed (no pshop trickery, just a slow shutter speed)


there are a few nice tunnels about - I'm not sure why, but as soon as I enter one there's always a strange urge to hit the accelerator and open the window...

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Hotaru (fireflies)

...are one of the most amazing sights in the natural world (that I've seen, anyway). They're a bit of a rarity these days (as they require a very clean water environment to prosper).


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Yes, it's a cave in a cliff face.

It's also a fridge!

Some of the locals here (who are lucky enough to have their houses next to such facilities) have some unusual beer fridges :) Most date back a looooooooong way.

Something you probably won't find in tokyo or osaka...

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You never know what you'll find around the next corner, in the next grove of trees, or hidden just about anywhere. There are temples, shrines, ruins, statues, graves... all sorts of things. For someone like me (who loves that sort of shit), it's a great place to live.


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I'm a sucker for moss, too (I know, it's kind of weird). Nature claiming back what man has changed, blah blah blah :)


This is from a local temple I found a couple of weeks ago - it was a nice surprise. Sometimes the less popular sites hold the most interest.

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We recorded 37.5 degrees on Sunday...dam the oil temp was sitting at 108 degrees all day.

what's with the weather this week? I think we got lucky on sunday - we were low 30s and the coolest spot in this prefecture (must have been the sea breezes). Could be a really sweaty one this year.

next pic...

...is another car pic


well, we recently got rid of the skyline (shakken (rego) was due) - it's still nice to hang out at SAU though :) hope you don't mind :P

Traded it in on a 98 subaru forester s/tb. It's a bit different to the aussie forester GT. No taming-down here! A full jdm wrx engine gives it plenty of power to play with (180kw-ish stock), and it only weighs in at 1380kg. Only visible mods are exhaust system, filter, lowering (way too low!), and strut brace. Might be more though, as the car doesn't seem to be limited to 180km/h...

lots of fun.

You can also see my house in this pic. I live above a fishing shop - which is also quite convenient (when the buggers aren't stealing my parking spots...)

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I mentioned summer and winter, but spring and autumn are also very distinct seasons (something I hadn't experienced before). Of all seasons, most people prefer the spring - the weather is good (not too cold, not too hot), it's a welcome relief from the harsh winter and... cherry blossoms (sakura)! Short-lived but incredibly beautiful.

The japanese (and us, for that matter) don't need much of an excuse for a sake/beer or two - and this (hanami - flower viewing) is a very popular occasion for getting hammered in the great outdoors. Just grab some friends, plenty of drinks, and find a nice spot under the trees...

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Brian, yeah the weather is crazy here in Kansai, we been missing all the rain dunno if it is a good or bad thing...typhoons seem to die off before it hits Osaka bay. Really in need of some rain to cool the days down a bit.

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here's a good example of 'bizarre japan'.

In the middle of rice fields in the middle of nowhere, is this...


...massive statue of a famous buddhist monk

The island where I live was once an island of exile - criminals, traitors, dangerous political figures, etc - were often booted off mainland japan and left here to rot (kinda like tasmania - including the inbreeding). There are quite a few notable people who left their mark (or grave), including poets, an ousted emperor, samurai and this guy (nichiren) - who went on to found a major religious sect that still flourishes today.

Though I still haven't got a decent answer as to why this monstrosity is sitting, in a rice field, in the middle of nowhere :P

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This one pretty much speaks for itself.

The extremes of japanese beer.


I'm definitely a convert.

This year I'm adding to the beer intake with some local moonshine - 1.8l of 'white liquor', 1kg of rock sugar, 2kg of local 'plums' + 3 months brewing = delicious

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So what do I do?

I'm a public servant - ie: senior high school english teacher. I teach at three senior high schools (I have the great pleasure to teach at a senior girls high school - 16, 17, 18 yr olds). It's a rewarding job, well paid, and I get to teach australian culture in addition to the basics of grammar, communication, etc

Here's an example of a typical culture lesson...



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