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ideal first car??

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in your professional opinions, wat would be an ideal first car for up to 15 grand?? i would really love an r33, but i know you would be really pushing it for a good condition turbo r33 for 15. (im not interested in a sedan) if u know of any r33 gts-t's for under 15 please let me know. anyways, ive been looking at s13's, s14's, 180's, r32's and supras. my preference would be either a 180 or an r32, as u can get good examples of them for under 15. anyway, wat do u guys reckon?? or any other suggestions?? thanks

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I rekon you should get a nice R32 GTS-t or 180SX, or you could get a naturally aspirated R33 found around $14,000 ~ $15,000, plus with natural aspiration insurance will be alot cheaper and so will fuel bills etc, but GTS' have 4 stud wheels and not 5 stud. :P

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lol sock i think we should stop whring in this guys thread.

anyway i found one of those bluebirds.


Attesa 4WD


Lowered Suspension,

Boost Controller

18 Inch Chrome Wheels

Blow Off Valve


$13,990 you could spend $1000 on an exhaust system or something.

U13 bluebird

Its an Auto though

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thanks for the opinions guys!! yeh that bluebird looked good, until i seen its an auto:( in my personal opinion i reckon the skyline sedans are pretty ugly, just my preference. a sileighty would be good, even better would be a onevia, wat kind of prices do onevias fetch? anyway, it will most likely come down to either a 180 or a r32. wat u guys reckon? or any other suggestions?

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R32 GTS4-t? Not hugely powerful, dulled a little by 4WD over GTS-t, but a nice stable platform with (der) 4WD (and its the good stuff from the GT-R, not a cheap version). Easy to drop a new engine into it when you want more powah.

I'd stay away from the Silvia's personally: lot of power in a light car = too many ploughed into things.

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