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Over two years of ownership I thought I'd make a build thread as i don't have enough procrastination in my life as it is.

up until this car I hadn't owned a car more than 6 months before selling it due to being bored of it or finding something else.

Originally bought this car back in November 2012 as a means for a quick profit. The plan being to fix the little problems, swap the wheels and sell it.

However as with most thing in life it did not go to plan...

This is how it was when i bought it

coilovers with chopped springs

1/2 turbo converted

lenso D1r 18x11.5 +12 with 235/40/18
Horrible interior missing parts.


First thing to go was the enormous wheels which just were not to my taste and did not suit the car in my opinion. in the mean time i put the lenso on my trike haha


Bought some old school work wheels for $70 to roll on while I sold the lensos and bought another set. also put some stock struts with lowered springs in.


Swapped the lensos for a few sets of wheels and cash my way. Included in the swapped sets was a set of R32 GTR rims


Due to the excessive guard rolling that had been required to “fit” the 18’s and the ill-fitting +30mm vented fiberglass guards the gtr wheels sat a fair way inside. which is kinda funny on 4 door


here is where i will leave it for the first post and will steadily update to present day over the next weeks

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I decided the car was much too quiet and bought a set of drift pipes for it.


This hung very low and came up underneath the fuel tank. Buuut sounded the business.

Picked up a front lip from a type S R32 and tested it on my Type M bar. It “fit” bar the gap in the middle.


There is a point in which having a front lip is not practical. I found that point…


As I wanted to start modding it and getting it to run right I went and bought used universal FMIC kit. It was fitted to an RB20det R31 so I figured it would fit.




I found out why it was running so terrible. The motor had stock RB20DE injectors and ECU with a turbo bolted. Basically as soon as it hit 3psi of boost it would pull timing and drop in to limp mode. So I sourced a set of RB20DET injectors + ‘tuned’ ecu from a cefiro

Edited by CRSKmD
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not sure if anybody cares but im going to keep going with this. :wave:

I got stuck three wheeling and thought the only really solution is a 2way Nismo LSD. while fititng it inoticed my rear sway bar was missing entirely and fitted up a GTR one.

BOY did that make a difference! open diff +no sway bar -> tight 2 way and GTR sway bar.

some spacers where bought to fill out the guards.



I found a Type M 2 door interior for a price that was to good to pass. fitted the seats, dash center console and sold the rest. while i was at it i replaced all the speakers and ran fresh wiring.

AJD 2013

i entered All japan day for the first time which was a fantastic experience which i recommend to anybody who hasn't done anything similar.
Here few pictures from he day below.




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S13 bootlip (Origin?)


New exhaust. An old AM performance build that solomon had on his 32 years back. this exhaust is a bit of a broad minded person and has been on many R32's

centre varex (cut and shut for ground cleance) stainless 3" then out to Ti tips


Cracked headlight so bought a pair of projectors and blacked them out and installed some jaycar HIDs

Also fitted some orange indicators while i was at it.


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Blew up rb20 turbo and figured that the one thing my untuned NA motor needed was a bigger turbo. so i found an RB25 neo (OP6) and fitted that up. Around the same time i also installed a Front Facing Plenum.


Yes it looks horrible and messy here. Fear not as I cleaned it up down the track but that how it sat for a while.

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cheers man i really think it squares off the back nicely. Just a subtle look compared to some other more aggressive boots lips

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As awesome as it was having cheap HID's in factory projectors not designed for them. the light output was atrocious and it had some seriously bad defractions going on.

I upgraded the projectors to (morimoto mini) Bi-Xenons from Loudz Creations and I also fitted some “demon eyes” for added wank factor.

Finished product:


Loose guide: (if anyone is more interested feel free to contact me with any questions)

i picked up another pair of factory projector headlights so my car did no ahve to be off the road for any length of time.


remove glass lens. i used a heatgun as death was not worth using the oven.


unscrew and pop out shroud


side by side shot of the factory and the new ones. they are smaller but specifically designed for HID's (curvature for focus etc). note the clearer glass



clearly they are not going to just bolt in. i cut the bracket off the factory ones so that i could retain the factory adjustments



i digged the blacked outlook for my car so i did the same again. (light sand, plastic adhesion primer, high temp satin black). test fitted new projector in hole.


"Demon eyes"

dissassembled the new projectors and stuck some cree LEDs behind in a ring pointing inwards. sequred with high temp copper silicon (gets hot when HIDS running)



test photo of leds on


re assembled lights: to attach the projector to the OEM bracket i sued some electrical standoffs and some simple brackets bad from scrap alloy


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Headlights look awesome.

How much power did you make with the op6?

Cheers mate. Light output is phenomenal as well.

Pre tune I made about 175kw. Post tune I made 206kw.

I still have a ways of updates to go until I'm up to current day

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Dropped into Jaustech for a checkup and they told me that my rotors where below minimum thickness and one was infact warped!

I figured if i ahve to replace them i might aswell upgrade. I decided on going to 324mm (R33 Brembo size) rotors and a caliper adapter to run the 4 pots. this plan also means i can drop in the R33 Bremo's down the line if i desire.

As much as i liked the GTR wheels, 16" was not going to be able to clear the new brake setup so i began the hunt for a new set of wheels.

What i decided on was a set of Advan AVS model T7's in a 17x9 +22 all around. i picked these up in...well used...condition from Stewy.

Basically all of the wheels were like this to some extent.



fixed and primed


colour coat. actually really digged the matte look and almost left it there.


first coat of clear


clear done


close up shot. hard to see here but tis gunmetal with slight blue pearl. finish isnt perfect but i was more than happy with them


fitted up some scrappies to get me rolling


This depleted my money for a while so brakes had to wait.

All Japan Day 2014







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Coilover time. also installed adjustable caste and toe arms. plus replaced the flogged out camber arms





and parked up at work


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Brake upgrade time.

finally had to justify changing to 17" rims and follow through with the brakes.




upgrade goodies. decided on some DBA T3 "club Spec" rotors and bendix ultimate pads(good balance between performance noise and dust on a daily driven car in my opinion)


rotor comparison


cleaned up and painted rotors I used metalcast paint. this took forever due to the 25 + years of brake dust!


gently sanded back to basecoat to make the nissan logo pop a bit more.


fitted up with caliper adapter. as you can see not all of the rotor surface is used but the extra leverage it gets and the better cooling made a noticable difference.


wheel on


side by side comparison


full car side shot


Edited by CRSKmD
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First Dyno day



RB25 Neo turbo

3" catback



179.3KW 355nM



Edited by CRSKmD

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As much as I always stood by my Type M bar and said that GTR front bar's only belong on GTR's a good deal came up and it is hard to deny that the GTR bar just looks better.


The bar had some damage and the bar was Bayside Blue (which my car was not).


However it matched close enough and look great in my opinion.

side by side with mates 2 door with FiberGross GTR (ish) bar


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Looks good, do you know what your mates front bar is?

its a fiberglass GTRstyle bar made to suit GTST reo/guards.

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Time for my very first trackday.

I remember the first thing my dad said when i told him my intentions " alright, but be prepared to bring it back on a trailer."

I signed up for Drift Techniques out at Tailem Bend.

skidrims fitted. fluro represent!




not much ground clearance with the skidrims on...


checking for tyre wear


with an instructor int he car working on tight cone work


started too get it



as dad predicted on the trailer to take it home. thankfully i had some awesome mates with even worse luck willing to take my car back for me.
Managed to do some gearbox damage



Here is what came out of the sump plug when i dropped the gearbox oil. all in all i dont regret the day and the damage even though my day was over my 11am. I learnt a bit and the damnage just meant an excuse for an upgrade...

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