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Phillcom Rally Motorkhana Series Round 2 - 18th July


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When: Sunday 18th July, 9am

Where: Mitsubishi Lonsdale plant - Sherriff Rd.

Cost: $25 + L2NS CAMS licence

spectators - FREE


What is Motorkhana?

It's a mini drift. Large flat carpark, you start from a garage, weave through a set of flags and then back into the garage again. Each test will have a practice run and then done twice and quickest time will count. There will be about 5 or 6 tests for the day.

Who can enter?

anyone can enter. you don't need to have a fast or powerful car as the time will be calculated according to car size, so larger car will get better handicap time. Power of car makes no difference as you don't get out of 1st gear and it's more about how you handle the car not how fast you car is. You might want to use secondhand or crap tyres if you are going to smoke it up.

How to enter?

just come by 9am and sign up. Event goes till 4pm.


no need driver's licence!!! no need helmet, no need fire extinguisher, no need blue triangle, no need bonnet tie down. You just need to have working seat belt and closed shoes.

Phillcom Rally will be awarding class and overall winner trophies for each event and the series winner.


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