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R31 skyline shocks


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if you dont have some serious tools, the fronts will be a bit difficult. rears are easy, 3 x 14mm bolts in the boot on each strut top, then a 17mm nut/bolt combo securing the shock to the diff on each side. they are easy, just undo the 14mm nuts, then jack the car up (not by the diff) and unbolt the shocks from the diff, then pull them out.

fronts - take it to a mechanic, too hard basket.

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Need help! I'm looking for diagrams to show me how to replace shocks in a R31 skyline.

hey man as slip said rears r a quick job the fronts on the other hand r a little bit harder but if you have a vice & a f**king BIG shifter your should be right as the fronts are an insert not a mcpherson strut, I am assuming that u know how to get the spring off here so once u have the bearing cap off & the spring off take the bump stop off & there should be a large hex nut on the top of the shock body undo it & nemove the old insert clean any oil out if your old inserts have been leaking & fit the new one's

Make sure you do the Nut up F/T as they can come undone over time & just do the reverse of taking it apart hope that helps mate

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