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Auto Salon 04


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Just wondering what everyone's opinion was on this years Auto Salon?

I have plenty of pic's to post up if anyone is interested so will get round to posting them up soon.

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I thought it was pretty good this year. Was an improvement on last years ;)

Mind you, i was a little surprised at the number of, shall we say, lower than average cars there. It wasn't a huge number but more than i expected. Being a car show I would have thought there would be some sort of level a car has to be at to make it in. If im paying 18 bucks to see this, I expect a certain level of quality. But, perhaps that's just me. That said, it was still good :)

Pity SAU didn't make it. Maybe next time :rant:

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I was talking to the Cabin guys during the show and they were alot happier with this years

show than last year's.

I must agree it was a big improvment over last year!

Also i was happy with our stand, not bragging but i was really happy with out Purple S1580, that was one hot car :D

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I was dissapointed

Maybe I had to greater expectation, but thought it was pretty average, there where some good cars there, but the whole event lacked a certian buzz that I associate with the shows of previous years

maybe its just me, who knows

Doubt if I would go next year, unless there are a few big name cars there. None of the big name workshops there either, but the Skylines that where there were pretty good

I'd give it a 2.5/5

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the avarage is improve from last year, very people car looks very nice. But then lack of other state CRAZY car coming(only myshow & Osman's shxt WRX) and local workshop highly mod car makes me a bit disappointed.

Another problem is being the drift is SO hot atm, there are PLENTY of 180, and everyone is wearing the same vetrex/BN kit. Looks like a uniform to me and wonder how can they drift after having those expensive bodykit / wide front guard? Before i go into auto salon i think they looks very nice, but not now.

i don't think i will pay $18 again next year unless i am going into it with my car.

BTW if SAU really go in like we plan, should able to win the best car club display.

And i can't find a R33 looks better than Matt inside :wassup:

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YAY i had my 34 there.. no idea why, but i got a free t-shirt out of it and free parking all weekend... so i was stocked.

was the purple 34 at the exxxtreme clutch stall a local car?

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purple 34 GTR is owned by the owner of adelaide

clutch services. If you go down there you will see it

in the driveway. :flamed:

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