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Pfr5a 11 Or Bcpr7es

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I just finally pulled out my spark plugs and it appears the plugs my car was running ar..


Now i know nothing about this plug.. and Ive been told by a number of people, the best Plug for my skyline is the..


Anyone able to let me knwo the difference between these two?

Thank you.

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Guest two.06l

we were running bcpr7es plugs on our engines when stock or light tune never had any probs with them not a bad plug

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The one you took out was a heat range colder than the "recommended" one from NGK. Depending on what is done to your car that should determine what heat range you need. Correct me If im wrong (which i probably am) but i think for every 75hp you add to your engine you need to go a heat range hotter.

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Ok Ive got it norrowed down to these few..

PFR5A 11 - These were in my car, and the safest bet is to replace them with the same one.

PFR6A-11 - These were Reccomended by NGK's Website

BCPR7ES - These were reccomended by a number of people on the forum

BCPR6ES - Same as above.

For record, my Car is apparently stock as a rock as far as i'm aware.

I am having some very bad starting problems first thing in the morning .. it MAY be the spark plugs, but im not sure if it is.

Stock heat range is apparently '6' .. So i wonder why the previous owner was running heat range '5' in the car?

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I haven't had any probs with Pfr5g-11 they are expensive plugs but once you re-gap to the rite size say .8 - .7 depends on how much boost your running they should be fine.

You will also find a few most skylines will run a hotter plug eg the Pfr5 as it fires quicker then a colder plug eg the Bcpr7es.

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If your car is standard and you don't run any more then 7 psi of boost go for the

(NGK PFR6A-11)

Untill you start running more boos like 13 psi you won't have to worrie about changing gap sizes or plug heat range.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but the differance between the two is one is platinum and the other has a copper electrode

BCRP6ES in my R32, with a few mods and they seem to be really good

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Ok well I ended up getting a set of..


The reason being the following..

PFR5A 11 - Platnium 1.1 Gap

PFR6A-11 - Platnuim 1.1 Gap .. (yeha I know i cant spell that word)

BCPR7ES - Copper possible .9 gap

BCPR6ES - Same as above.

So I decidecd i wanted copper of platnuim, ..

and it just came down to choosing the correct heat range ..

considering i was running a heat of 5 .. i decided 7 would be cold, 6 is stock..

so ta-da!

im almost done im just not sue where one of these wires goes :D

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make sure all the wires go back correctly, if its the same one I almost forgot to put back on, its the earth wire for the coils, it goes under the last bigish size bolt for the coils

let everyone know how it goes

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Well I took it down the street and almost had to get it pushed home..

I forgot to tie up all the hoses so i blew a hose. or 4 :)

anywya with that fixed everything seemed fine.. except for that box that sits up the back over the cover.. i accident put the wrong bolts in the coil pack

so i dont have this bolted down .. also there is a little thing hanging off that box, which has an earth and i have NO IDEA of where to atatch the box and this earth too


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