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RB20 w/ small T3/T4 and SAAB 900 sidemount

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I was wondering what everyone thought of detonation problems I may run into with the following setup (I already own this stuff... not a wish list):

RB20 w/ small T3/T4 (comp - .60 turbine - .48) and SAAB 900 sidemount

Support/toys - MKIV fuel pump, old school 5 knob S-AFC, SARD Racing FPR and Greddy Profec B (knob style)

I am currently making a 3" turbo back exhaust w/ no converter as well... so this should be considered part of the mod group

My concern is running all of this aftermarket stuff with a sidemount is that intake temps might increase to fast on high boost and lead to detonation after running for a while. I will get a FMIC asap, but there are some more updates to the car I'd like to take care of first (tires, bushings etc). Let me know what would be a safe boost level and other settings to run (normal and scramble settings can be set) with this setup before it is run in on a dyno if you have any ideas.

The turbo is only in there to hold me over until I can get a GT25R, standalone and make a proper manifold (the original is on my buddy's car since he needed it more than me)... if you were wondering

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