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2015 Goals

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Well I've been training weights for about the last three years with reasonable progressions in some areas and pretty poor progression in others...

Have spent the last couple of weeks reading through Markos' thread 'Powerlifting'......much of the time in awe ha-ha.

To date I've just been training at home and only had a proper squat/power rack that I built for the last 12 months or so along with one strongman session per week (yoke, farmers walks, log etc.......).

My best mate is a PT and has just secured himself a warehouse where it will be focussed around 'Powerlifting', 'Weightlifting' & 'Strongman'.

In return for me fabricating some of the equipment I will be able to train there for free which I believe/hope will certainly help me progress especially for those times where I perhaps haven't gone for that extra rep, set, weight etc. (we all do it even if only subconsciously) and just having other lifters around can only be a good thing......

My current stats are as follows: 30yrs of age, 175cm @ 82ish kg

Current 1RM deadlift = 200kg

Current 1RM squat = 150kg

Current 1RM bench = 80kg (this is clearly the one that needs a lot of work)

I always figured I just had a weak upper body, in comparison to my lower body anyway......but after delving a little deeper I have visited a Chiro (Does Strongman himself) and had X-Rays taken, I will try attach the X-ray's.

Basically it turns out that I was born with a short leg (8mm shorter on my right than my left), apparently this is fairly common I am led to believe, so now all my right shoes have an 8mm heel.

What this has caused is pretty evident in the picture attached and that combined with a poor posture has made my shoulders very weak and therefore overhead press, bench etc. hasn't progressed as it should or I would have hoped. I am currently seeing the Chiro twice a week and doing rehab everyday hoping to get things sorted as quickly as possible but these things take time.

My goals I am hoping to achieve by the end of 2015 are as follows:

Weight = 85kg max.

1RM deadlift = 230kg

1RM squat = 175kg

1RM bench = 100kg

Total = 500kg minimum.

What are peoples opinions on those goals? too ambitious? too easy?

Love to hear peoples thoughts/opinions.......


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But meh to goals...goals limit potential

Just aim to get stronger and stronger all the time and put in 100%

You may not reach goals if you don't have any, but you'll know you're as strong as you could have been

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Leesh, planning on using a programme that focusses around the three lifts.

Squats one day a week with supporting exercises.

Bench one day a week with supporting exercises.

Deadlift one day a week with supporting exercises.

Strongman session one day a week.

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Bench wise , bugger it off the program for a while and focus on shoulder girdle strength and thorasic mobility. Happens to lots of people doing the usual gym-bro training. Short legs , long legs or no legs its not posture.

You have weak external rotation and imbalance with the stronger internal rotation muscles. So not stable enough in the lift when you press. Makes you weak.

Likely if you have a degenerative injury to your rotator cuff, pretty common. You will almost never feel pain there as it gets refered(front of shoulder even wrists) Also, injury will degeneratively progresses without pain till you bugger it right up. To see if you have a problem, stand against a wall and rest a tennis ball between the wall and your back(shoulder blades). Lean against the ball , roll it around the should blades and see if you have any tender spots. If you do then you can roll the trigger points, probably want to stop anything that involves internal rotation for a while. There are conditioning movements you can do.

Train the shoulders up and bench will be no drama to progress.

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pretty much nailed it revs and I am already doing the mentioned exercises working the shoulders, no actual bench pressing til things are sorted and I have the go ahead.

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6x8 @ 70kg

5x8 @ 80kg

4x8 @ 90kg

3x8 @ 100kg

3x10 @ 110kg

farmers walks

x20, 20m walks 50kg a hand with 30 sec rest

5m rope climb

6 with 30 sec rest

tyre flip ~200kg


Edited by mr_rbman
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6x8 @ 50kg

5x8 @ 60kg

4x8 @ 70kg

3x8 @ 80kg

3x10 @90kg

overhead press (from behind head working on opening up the shoulders/rib cage...

1x20 @15kg

1x15 @ 20kg

1x12 @ 22.5kg

1x10 @ 25kg

1x8 @ 27.5kg

1x6 @ 30kg

1x4 @ 32.5kg

1x2 @ 35kg

1x2 @ 37.5kg

1x2 @ 40kg


3x10 @ bodyweight

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tyre flip ~200kg


farmers walks

x6, 20m walk 50kg a hand

x5, 20m walk 60kg a hand

x4, 20m walk 70kg a hand

x3, 20m walk 72.5kg a hand

x3, 20m walk 75kg a hand

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Front Squat

5 @ 70kg

3 @ 90kg

2 @ 110kg

1 @ 115kg

1 @ 120kg (PB)


x12, 20m walk @ 90kg

x5, 20m walk @ 140kg

x4, 20m walk @ 170kg

x3, 20m walk @ 190kg

x2, 20m walk @ 210kg

x1, 20m walk @ 230kg

farmers walks

x6, 20m walk @ 45kg a hand

x4, 20m walk @ 65kg a hand

x2, 20m walk @ 85kg a hand

overhead press (from behind head) wide grip

1x20 @ 15kg

1x15 @ 20kg

1x10 @ 30kg

1x8 @ 35kg

1x6 @ 37.5kg

1x4 @ 40kg

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tyre flips ~200kg - warm-up

farmers walks

x6 15m walks @ 160kg

x5 15m walks @ 170kg

x4 15m walks @ 180kg

x3 15m walks @ 190kg

x3 15m walks @ 200kg (straps)

x1 15m walk @ 230kg (straps)

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