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Anyone know of a Silver R34 GTR in QLD?


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Initialy I thought it was a NSW car, but just found out it's a QLD car... So, Does anyone know of someone selling/trading in a Silver R34 GTR in Queensland?? I believe they are trading it for a BMW...

The reason I ask, because a dealer I know from BMW in Melbourne, said he knows of "I think it's - Silver" GTR R34 coming from QLD which they are trying to negotiate a trade in on. And I wanted to find out if any of you guys new anything about this car... pretty broad chance I know, but thought I would try my luck.


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I'm guessing your interested in buying this vehicle or something?

Hi Erin, yes.. I've put the word out to a few friends in the motor industry to keep their eyes open for an R34 GTR "prefferably" silver, and was recently told about this particular one.

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