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Living on the North Shore isnt meant to be "exciting", its mainly a residential area afterall, but as mentioned there are still plenty of places such as crows nest hidden around which offer more funky eateries, cafes etc than you can poke a stick at.

St Leonards is not a bad place at all, very close to the city, easy transport, low crime rate etc.

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You should look further out west, much better lifestyle :boobies2:

You're right... If you live out west it's heaps exciting - you're always on your toes ready to dodge bullets if required... :(:):rofl: :rofl:

(puts on flame suit)

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Ok these guys are right but...

It's boring as batshit.

I felt like I was in a coma for a year and this story is how I characterise the area:

I caught the train home one day and the station staff were on strike so the cattle drafting things you go through after putting your ticket in were stuck open. I was reading Brave New World as I walked up the stairs so I was one of the last people up there to the cattle drafting things. I looked up to notice that they were open and then I witnessed the most amazing thing.

All the good and decent St Leonards people walked up to the gates and tried to put their tickets in to be validated but since the machines were off to keep the gate parts open, they had no power to accept peoples tickets.

There was mass but restrained and quiet confusion as people tried to work out the significance of the ticket machines that wouldn't accept tickets until eventually some of them noticed that the little gate 20cm in front of them was actually open and they could just walk through unimpeded.

The first few people went though but the second row of people hit the gates with the same confusion.

"Why isn't this gate accepting my ticket? I have to put the ticket in to open the gate..." etc etc.

Once this row figured it out and went through the people behind had no more problems because they were now following the crowd.

I stood there thinking, "Aldous, you may have been a bipolar drunkard with no more than two good books in you but you really had some amazing moments of clarity."

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you're always on your toes ready to dodge bullets if required...
To be honest I can't remember the last shooting, they aren't in my area anyhow. If at all they are about 15mins East at Mt Druitt (the ghetto).

Although I did hear on a police scanner the other that some weirdo stabbed a chick up on the hwy and was walking around with a knife and a bloody shirt.

No crime in my neighbourhood, I think it is because 99% of the out-of-towners would get lost in my estate and would never find their way out :D

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The above link will give you a good snapshot of the area from a home buyers perspective..

My opinions of the area (having worked there for 6 years)

Upper class well established mid northern suburb of Sydney with a increasing multicultural population. 5 train stops from the City on the main Northern Line it is a very large business and commercial hub.

Recent increase (over last 5 years) of larger residential towers of over 5,000 units has seen the area expand very rapidly over this period. Rental rates are very high, and it's more of an area where 25-40 year old professional singles would live and not so much an area where there are lots of children growing up.

Free standing Houses are older style, circa 1950's style double brick and off street garaging is not very common except in the newer unit complexes. Chatswood is the closest Major Retail area (Westfields/Myer/Grace Bros etc) and is two stations further North.

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