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Another wobbly braker....

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Heh guys,

Second time at Wakefield Park and still wobbling under big braking.

When i bought it, it nede new pads and machining on all 4 wheels so thats done.

I had a day at Wakefield and there is shocking vibrations under heavy braking!

Right, search the threads and chat to people on the day.

I change the brake fluid which i think improved braking with daily driving and hoped that would be the end of it.

Went to Wakefield yesterday and still Major wobbles under heavy braking.

After one round, i head into Goulburn and get a front wheel balance and tell the guy. He says the usual sory, maybe need to machine the brakes and new pads. Surely i wouldn't need to do that again after 8-10 months?!

So, i tell a guy at work and he thinks maybe the ABS could be faulty in some way. Happened to him a few years ago, got it checked out, tweaked a bit and fixed it. Does that sound right to you guy? Or is there something I can do myself? Anyone else had the same problems?

It's all fine around town etc just when doing huge braking. Takes a bit of fun out of my track days :D

thanks! :D

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don't really have an answer for you as I have the exact same problem with my S15. my ABS seems to fire off too easy but I have not had it checked yet. Let me know if you find a solution to this BA$TA@D of a problem :cheers:

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thank god it's not just me but i havn't got ABS (1991 model 32)

rotors are ok pads- ok just dreadful steering wheel wobble when on the anchors

one person i spoke to said to change/check the master cylinder so hopefully that will help, it gets pretty scary pulling up from a run when your brakes are shonky

do your cars surge when your slowing down from reasonably low speeds or is it just major steering interfence under heavy braking

(wheel alinment done 5000 ks ago new upper control arms 3 months ago)

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No surging when slowing down.

And all seems fine around town too, even on short brake runs.

Just major shudders from high speeds ...sucks big time....

Gives me something extra to check out anyway as i don't know about these things.

Also had someone suggest check out your calipers.

So got 3 things to check now.

1) The ABS (for me anyway)

2) The master cylinder

3) The calipers.

Must be getting close....any more suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks for your replies guys

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