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BRAND NEW! NEO 12 mod chip for PS2


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the mod chip does pretty much everything.. no need for a swap disk either.

goto www.mod-chip.com to look at install instructions .

this chip will only work on the V9/V10 ps2 which is schp - 5000x.

asking price is $55 including postage. this is worth about $200 installed so the chip itself is worth about $80-100.

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Cyclonus you'll need to use the DUO 2 chip.. you don't need a swap disc, and it's a 17 wire install. the points aren't too hard but if your not good with a soldering iron get a pro to do it, as i found out the hard way with a ps1

pm me for more info

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sorry mate but installed chips are about $100 these days (what i charge), nowhere near $200, chips are worth about $15 btw

cheapest i've seen chips for are around $60 - $70 aus.

i've found a cheaper place to get them from so. new price -

Neo 12 V.9 - V.10 ( i have 1 left, might be able to get more ) - $35 + postage

Duo 2 V.1 - V.10 ( i have 1 but can get some more ) - $40

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