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Does anyone have tein HR adjustable suspension on their R33.

Just wondering what the ride, handling, ease of adjustment is like?

Does adjustment of ride height on the HR's make a huge difference to ride softness? I dont think HR's are damper adjustable.

thanks again

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i have tein hr in my r32 gtst...

they are great i was always told they would be way too rough but i just went ahead and got them.... they are very firm but i wouldnt say rough.....mine are just height adjustable like all hr i think they made my r32 handle great just by installing them.....but if they are cheap and u like a firm ride go and buy some they are great!!! :)

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used to have a set in my R33, on some nice road the car handle really good (better than my S15). But it was too hard i think, driving in the hill which have some bumpy road makes me very scarey, the rear wheel is not on the ground when u are doing 100 on some narrow road!

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